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IBM SDR SDRAM Computer Memory (RAM)

Upgrading Your Computers RAM

There are two main reasons why you would be looking at new computer RAM: either you are upgrading your existing RAM, or you are building your own computer. In both cases, the end goal is to optimize your computers memory and performance. If you are looking at upgrading your computers RAM, then you need to understand at least some of the technical aspects of different variations of RAM, including SDRAM and DDRAM.

Why Would I Upgrade My Computers RAM?

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your computers RAM. These range from simply improving performance and making your computer run slightly faster, to making it possible to perform complex actions or participate in competitive online gaming. Some of the reasons you may be looking for new IBM RAM include:

  • More RAM/SDRAM means more memory - Ultimately, more memory means faster processing speeds and a much faster computer. If you are upgrading your computers RAM from something like a 2 GB module to an 8 GB module, then the speed increase will be very noticeable.
  • You have noticed your computer slowing down - If you have noticed that your computer has slowed down significantly, then you should consider replacing your existing RAM. Like anything, RAM and SDRAM components can wear out over time, especially if your computer is dropped or damaged.
  • You want to do complex things with your computer - If you want to do things like competitive online gaming or video production, then you need a computer with a lot of memory and very fast processing speeds. If you have a perfectly good computer which is just a little slow, then consider installing some larger RAM (with more GB of memory).

What Should I Consider When Choosing New RAM?

There are a lot of technical aspects that you should always consider when it comes to choosing new IBM RAM for your computer. These include:

  • How much RAM you actually need - Ultimately, this depends on what you are using your computer for. However, it also depends on the rest of your computers components.
  • Whether there is space for it in your computer - If you are thinking about installing new RAM or SDRAM by yourself, then you need to make sure that there is space for it where the old part came from.
  • SDRAM vs. DRAM vs. SRAM - When choosing new memory for your computer, you need to be aware of the differences between synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM), dynamic RAM (DRAM) and synchronous RAM (SRAM).

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