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Finding Fitting Memory Modules

Computer memory is a vital part of any desktop or laptop. It helps keep the processor fed with data and lets you switch between applications more rapidly.

What Types of Modules are There?

One of the catches with finding the right memory for your computer lies in the fact that the same capacity modules come in several different speeds and formats. It's not enough to say that you need a 512 MB Hynix DIMM for your system; you need to make clear what kind of memory your desktop uses. Taking a 512 MB stick as an example, it's available in no less than three different forms:

  • SDRAM:Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory introduced the concept of setting the speed of each stick to that of a dedicated memory bus. This memory came in a 168-pin package running at 3.3 Volts and transmits one bit of data per clock cycle.
  • DDR:The next step doubled the data rate by transmitting data on both sides of the clock cycle. The package moved up to 184 pins and the voltage dropped to 2.5 Volts.
  • DDR2:After doubling RAM bandwidth again, the result was the 240-pin DDR2 package. Just as speeds increased, voltage dropped again, this time to 1.8 Volts.

What About Laptops?

While they use the same kinds of RAM as desktop computers, laptops needed a smaller package in order to fit within the confines of their smaller cases. Capacities stayed roughly the same as laptops need the same amount of working RAM, but the physical size did not:

  • DIMM:The Dual Inline Memory Module is about 133 mm long and supports both ECC and non-ECC options. These sticks are found in desktops and are the same size regardless of the technology in use.
  • SO-DIMM:The Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module is only about half the length of its desktop sibling at 67 mm and is also thinner. It's only available in non-ECC form.

Choosing Memory

One thing to consider when looking for more RAM is whether your system has one or two memory channels. For dual-channel systems you will get better performance with a Hynix 1 GB kit featuring two 512 MB sticks than from a single 1 GB stick. In general, you want as much RAM as your motherboard and operating system will support. More RAM improves your ability to multi-task by not forcing you to reload each program from the hard drive when you want to switch from one application to another. Responsiveness is all about making sure your CPU has the data it needs when it needs it, and that means storing it in your DDR2 rather than on the platters of your hard drive.

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