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Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a mainstay of the bathroom, and it is available in many options based on size, fiber content, and the number of connected pieces with perforated edges that are on the roll when measured by the square foot. With the flush of water through the commode, the tissue-like materials become saturated and start to decompose as they make their way through the drainage lines to the sewage disposal system. It is important to select the right softness, ply, and style of toilet tissue for your situation.

What are the features of toilet paper?
  • Smoothness: The material varies in its level of smoothness. Smooth toilet papers such as Charmin and Charmin Ultra are gentle against sore or irritated skin.
  • Large rolls: For the toilet of a business, a large roll of the tissue means you will not have to change the package as often. In the home, a double roll of Charmin or another brand will last longer so that the package does not require frequent changing.
  • Ridges or quilting for absorption: Ridges help clean waste off the skin as well as help remove moisture from the skin. Quilting also aids in the removal of moisture from your sensitive skin.
How do you choose a type of toilet paper?
  • Select a brand: Charmin, Charmin Ultra, Cottonelle, Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Seventh Generation, Windsoft, and other companies make rolls of quilted and regular bathroom tissue. Some companies use recycled materials in their bath tissue.
  • Choose a roll size and sheet style: Bathroom tissue is available in rolls that have a regular number of sheets or double or triple the number of sheets. The sheet style may be quilted or ridged on bathroom paper that is two-ply. Some companies make a coreless option so that there is less refuse generated.
  • Select the number of plies: Thin tissues of new or recycled paper may be layered on top of each other to make the bath tissue stronger. Bath tissue is available in one, two, or three-ply tissues.
Can toilet paper go into a septic tank?

Putting too much papery material into the commode can cause a problem with the toilet's drain pipe or plumbing. Too much toilet paper could also cause an issue for a septic tank drain pipe, especially if not enough water is used to flush it down the commode. To ensure that an inground sanitary sewer on your property can handle the toilet paper with a single flush of the toilet, use only a small amount. Single-ply toilet tissue is usually safe for most homes with a bathroom connected with a tank in the ground for plumbing and disposal of wastewater from the toilet. Single-ply bath tissue is made by companies including Seventh Generation, Windsoft, and Scott. If only a small amount of two-ply ultrasoft bath tissue is used, it may be safe for a sanitary sewer system. Companies that make a two-ply bathroom tissue paper include brands such as Cottonelle, Angel Soft, Marcal, and Quilted Northern.

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