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Hot Wheels Diecast and Toy Vehicle Tracks

Hot Wheels Diecast and Toy Vehicle Tracks

Hot Wheels tracks provide a surface for racing Hot Wheels cars. Hot Wheels track pieces are usually designed with a distinctive orange and blue color scheme, and they link together so you can make track designs.

What size toy cars fit on Hot Wheels tracks?

Hot Wheels tracks are designed to work with Hot Wheels vehicles. Additionally, the tracks usually work with other toy vehicles that are made to the same scale, which is approximately 1:64. Hot Wheels cars are usually 2.5 to 3 inches long. Some track sets work best with smaller cars that dont have any protruding special features. In fact, for some track sets, it is best to use the specific cars that were included in the set.

Can you design your own Hot Wheels tracks?

You can mix and match Hot Wheels track sets to create your own paths for cars. If you are interested in building race courses of your own design, you can add some extra straight or curved track pieces to increase your design options.

How can you make your Hot Wheels paths more exciting?

Specialty pieces can add to the fun of playing with Hot Wheels toys.

  • Loops - When a Hot Wheels car is moving with enough speed, it can complete a 360-degree loop.
  • Crashes - These features are intended to be demolished. After your car smashes through them, you can set them back up to use again.
  • Jumps - A break in the track gives the car an opportunity to fly freely through the air before landing back on the track.
  • Bridges - These Hot Wheels accessories can open and close to change up your track design.
  • Launchers - With these accelerators, you can give your cars a burst of speed to start the Hot Wheels course.
What are Hot Wheels Wall Tracks?

Like regular Hot Wheels tracks, this line of toys is designed for racing cars from one end of a track to another. But instead of having flat bottoms that sit on the floor, Wall Tracks use adhesive strips to attach the sides of the pieces to the wall. Magnetic-bottomed cars use these tracks. This configuration may be use for kids who want to leave their track sets up for an extended period of time. Because these tracks can be applied to walls, floor space is not necessary to use them.

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