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Hollister Men's Shirts

One of the integral parts of your outfit is the top you choose. There are several styles to choose from including T-shirts, Henleys, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Here is some information about the different types of men's shirt designs available from Hollister.

Does Hollister offer many men's shirt options?

Hollister offers many options for boys and gentlemen in various sizes. With a variety of colors, patterns, and florals available, the company offers options to create a look that will fit a range of preferences. Shoppers can chose from T-shirts, Henleys, polos, sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Each of these options varies in fabric and style. T-shirts from the brand are offered in many solid colors with a small brand logo and a variety of graphic prints that have considerable variance.

Are Hollister polo shirts offered in different colors?

Hollister's polo shirts are offered in many colors and sizes including primary basic colors, prints, and patterns. Sizes vary from XS to XL. Examples of primary basic color options include white, red, blue, and yellow. Pastel colors are also offered and include pink, baby blue, lavender, and mint. The company uses many different prints and patterns for their polos including color blocked designs, florals, and camouflage. The collar of each top is made prominent by adding a white stripe through the center of the collar.

What type of sleeves do the graphic tees have?

Hollister offers graphic tees with both long and short sleeves. The short-sleeved graphic tees rest mid-bicep. Long-sleeved graphic tees have cuffed wrist and can be pushed up easily if needed. Graphic tees from the clothing brand often use the logo and store name.

Does Hollister offer sweaters with different collars?

Yes, shoppers will find that the clothing store offers sweaters with two collar options. Crew-neck sweaters are the traditional round collar. The other sweater collar option is a v-neck. V-neck options very in depth.

Do all Hollister shirts have the same hem?

No, T-shirts and Henleys from this company are created with one of two hems. All other men's shirts from the company are created with a straight hem. The traditional hem used on the brand's men's T-shirt is straight across. The second hem, a curved hem is a semi-circle that provides a bit more coverage in the front and back. Curved hem T-shirts are often worn with skinny jeans, men's leggings, and light colored pants.

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