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Hifonics 4-Channel Car Audio Amplifiers

Car amplifiers are used to enhance your vehicles sound quality. They can come in a wide variety of types and can serve a range of purposes. Hifonics is an audio system manufacturer that produces car amplifiers and subwoofers.

What types of car amplifiers are available?

An amplifier is an instrument that increases the output of a certain signal. It uses power from a particular supply (like the vehicle) to increase the audio signal. There are several types of car amplifiers, like RF and servo amplifiers. Audio amps specifically amplify signals in the audio range of less than 20 kHz.

Amplifiers change an average audio signal into a more powerful one for the speakers in your car. These products have channels, which each drive a specific source. You can find models with only one, also called monoblocks. There are also 2-channel, 3-channel, 4-channel, 5-channel, and 6-channel audio amps.

What is the difference between 4-channel amps and others?

These types of models are a common choice for vehicles, because most vehicles must power four main speakers. There are other differences among the types, however. These main channel types are described as the following:

  • 1-channel (monoblock): These are high-powered and primarily designed for subwoofers. They require a lot more energy, are usually not fill-range capable, and have no left/right differentiation.
  • 2-channel: Alongside 4-channels, 2-channels are used quite often. They are full-range, can be bridged, and can be used for multiple purposes.
  • 4-channel: These are common, because they can power an entire sound system. They are also bridgeable, so there are many configuration options. They are also stereo and full-range.
  • 5-channel: These are usually just a mixture of 4-channel and 1-channel models, designed for basic audio systems and subwoofers.
  • 6-channel: These are similar to 4-channels but have two extra channels that are dedicated to more serious car enthusiasts.
What types of 4-channel amplifiers does Hifonics make?

It makes many types of 4-channel amps with different features. They can be divided into different categories. These categories include the following:

  • Zeus: The Zeus line carries 4-channel amps from 600-2,000 watts. They are made of aluminum and have multiple sound operation modes and high-level inputs, and they are classified as A/B.
  • Gemini Elite: These range from 700-1,200w. They are classified as A/B and include an onboard electronic crossover. They are also heat-resistant.
  • Super amps: The 4-channel super amp in this category is classified as A/B and features 4 x 150w. It has bass equalization and diagnostic control.
  • Brutus: This category includes the 35th Anniversary Elite and Brutus BRX. You can find A/B-classified 35th Anniversary amps in 500w or 800w. They feature a low-noise preamplifier and are bridgeable. The BRX has models of 300-1,600 watts. It features an onboard electronic head unit with illuminated and angled terminals.
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