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Upgrade Your Car's Audio System with a Hifonics Amplifier

If you would like more than a stock audio system for your car, you can always upgrade. Subwoofers, speakers, and tweeters are among the components you can install for improved audio. Hifonics has a long line of products to help you get the sound you're looking for.

What components make up a car audio system?

There are three important components of a car audio system. The speakers deliver your first experience with the sound of the system. You need them to let you hear music with clarity and without distortion. The subwoofer will help to drive the bass and add depth to the music. The amp is the force behind all of the components.

Why do you need an amplifier in your car?

An amplifier is an important part of your car's audio system. It is the power the drives the speakers and the subwoofer. Without it, your sound will be quieter and contain a lot of distortion. Some components do not have enough power on their own to drive the sound. An amplifier can help push power to the equipment without any loss to the music.

How many channels are needed on a car amplifier?

You will need a separate channel for each stereo component. For example, if you have two speakers and a subwoofer, you will need at least three channels. The Hifonics amplifiers offer one to six channels. An amplifier will have a mono channel for the subwoofer. The rest of the channels are designed for your speakers. You can share channels with other components as well. If you want to achieve the full potential of the amp, you should have each component on a separate channel.

How much power is needed for an amplifier?

Ampilfer power is measured in wattage. To power a system, you need to find a product that can handle the load. First, find the RMS value of your speakers. Your amp should be able to put out 75 to 150 percent of that RMS number. It is always better to have a little extra power in your amp than not enough.

Where can you install an amplifier in your vehicle?

An amp can be stored in a variety of places. Before buying the product, make sure you have enough room in your car.

Places to install the amp can include:

  • The trunk area.
  • In the door.
  • Under the seat.
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