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Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells can be a useful addition to even the most basic home gyms. Achieving a leaner body with more muscle mass can encourage the maintenance of a healthy body weight and offer improved self-esteem. For these reasons, regular strength training is a part of an overall workout routine for many people.

What material are hex dumbbells made of?

Hex dumbbells can be made from a wide variety of materials, each with their own benefits. Many types are made of heavy cast iron. Other manufacturers use a neoprene material to create softer dumbbells. In addition, some companies choose to coat iron with a rubber material. Choosing a specific material will largely come down to personal preferences.

For example, some people feel that neoprene or rubber-coated dumbbells are easier to handle. Additionally, rubber-coated sets will not be as likely to damage your floor if they are accidentally dropped. Consider your specific fitness and strength-training needs when you add a pair of dumbbells to your workout.

What are the typical features of hex dumbbells?

The main feature of hex weights is related to their shape. Due to the hexagon shape of the ends, this type of hand weight will not roll away. Otherwise, hex hand weights are basically the same as their round counterparts. This allows people to use them for floor exercises that require stability, such as dumbbell push-ups.

What pound increments do hex dumbbells come in?

Both rubber and cast iron dumbbells usually come in similar pound increments. Many people choose to purchase a variety of different sets of dumbbells so that they can easily perform different exercises. Depending on the manufacturing company, the pair of dumbbells you choose may begin as low as 1 lb and go up to as much as 100 lbs each. Rubber ergonomic handles often make the heavier pound equipment easier to handle without experiencing grip discomfort. Specific exercises can be performed using equipment that comes in lighter pound options, making a wide range of pound increments ideal for most gym settings.

Are hex dumbbells difficult to take care of?

No matter what pound you choose to purchase, a pair of dumbbells requires the same amount of basic care. In fact, you can help the heaviest pound equipment last as long as possible with a little basic care. Obviously, you should never leave equipment made from iron in a location where it can be exposed to harsh weather elements as it can rust. Getting this material wet on a regular basis can promote rust. Aside from this factor, basic care such as avoiding dropping the equipment can extend its life a great deal. Wiping the dumbbells off following each use is also recommended.