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Saab 9-7X Headlights

Do you want to give your Saab 9-7X more style? You can tweak the appearance of your Saab 9-7X with a pair of handsome, durable headlights. The first step is to peruse housing colors, bulb types, and your choice of high-end brands compatible with Saab.

What bulb size should you get?

Two bulb sizes are standard on the 9-7X. The first bulb size is h21, a single-filament bulb manufactured for both 12-volt and 24-volt power supplies, at 50 or 70 watts, respectively. h21 bulbs come in all available lighting types, including LED, halogen, HID, and xenon.

The second bulb size is D1S. Like the h21, D1S is a nominal power bulb. It produces light via gas discharge.

Bulb sizes do not correspond to hard or fast rules, and luxury rides like the Saab 9-7X SUV let you switch entire headlight assemblies, bulb types, and sizes with headlight conversion kits.

How do you gauge bulb brightness?

Bulb size and wattage do not indicate bulb brightness. Lumens are the measurement of bulb brightness. Headlight bulbs emit lumens in the tens of thousands or as high as hundreds of thousands. Tens of thousands of lumens can easily help you safely navigate darkness and bad weather. There are no standard optimal headlight lumen levels, and the federal government recommends choosing bulbs according to lumens and not watts.

Does halogen or LED produce the highest color temperatures?

Both produce color temperatures ranging from 4500K to 6000K in most headlight assemblies. Each type of bulb has a unique method of light production, emitting a certain color temperature range and lumens per watt of usage. These methods are not superior or inferior. Each is just unique. The following list briefly explains available types of light bulbs and their methods of producing light:

  • Xenon: A noble gas helps create an electrical spark that connects between two electrodes.
  • HID: Short for High-Intensity Discharge, this method is like xenon. The gas may be xenon or mercury vapor, with a short distance between the electrodes.
  • Incandescent: A filament glows when heated with electricity.
  • Halogen: This is an incandescent bulb in which a halogen gas surrounds a tungsten filament. The gas continuously redeposits melted tungsten back onto the filament, prolonging its life.
Do you need HID and a ballast?

A ballast is essential for the safe, correct functioning of vehicle HID headlights. It helps the internal gas to provide the initial spark that eventually becomes light. It also ensures a steady stream of electricity and prevents premature burnout of the bulb. Some HID headlight kits do not include a ballast, and some do. If you already have a ballast from a previous kit or one you bought separately, you do not necessarily need a new one. However, you need a ballast for the general use of your HID headlights.

Are there other brands compatible with Saab?

There is a long list of brands whose durable headlights perfectly fit your Saab 9-7X. These brands fall into the categories of aftermarket branded, genuine OEM, and private labels. The list of names varies, but here are some well-known examples:

  • ACDelco, Auto DN,
  • Modifystreet, MOSTPLUS
  • OPT 7 Lighting, Osram
  • Philips, Sylvania, Wagner