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Oldsmobile Alero Headlights

Drive safely and with confidence with a pair of durable, bright headlights for your Oldsmobile Alero. Headlights not only make your car safe, but they also make it stylish. Replacing your car headlights can provide you with enhanced features and benefits, and help to improve your view.

What headlight bulbs are compatible with the Oldsmobile Alero?

Some kits let you install all the bulb types available at any given time. Oldsmobile Alero headlight assemblies can accommodate the following bulbs:

  • Halogen: Halogen bulbs contain filaments that glow when electrified.
  • LED: Light-emitting diodes give off light when semiconductors come into contact with electricity.
  • Xenon: Xenon bulbs have electrodes between which electricity arcs, or jumps, emitting light.
  • HID: High-intensity discharge bulbs are similar to xenon except that there is less distance between the electrodes.
How many watts do Alero headlights need for brightness?

It depends on your headlight assembly and the type of bulb you choose. Wattages range from the hundreds to the thousands. Wattage ranges tell you how much power a bulb consumes. They do not correspond to brightness. To gauge light, compare lumen levels. Headlight bulbs emit from 12,000 to 100,000 lumens or more, which sufficiently illuminates the darkest roads and the worst weather conditions.

What is an Oldsmobile Alero Euro style headlight assembly?

"Euro-style" refers to a custom headlight assembly available for the Oldsmobile Alero Sedan. It is an aftermarket assembly featuring sleek, flush, glass surfaces that are also highly aerodynamic. It differs from fixed-shape sealed-beam assemblies, which are more common in the United States. Euro-style assemblies are mainly water and dust resistant composites, which means they have separate parts that you can replace as needed.

Sealed beam assemblies are one piece. They are hermetically sealed assemblies that permit no ingress of dust or water, even when entirely submerged.

What does smoked housing mean?

Smoked, or smoke, housing is a headlight assembly with a tinted lens and chrome housing. The tinting minimizes the risk of your headlights blinding other drivers and pedestrians. It also imparts a seamless appearance to your front end, blending the headlight assembly into your trim when the bulb is unlit. You may also use smoked housing to match black wheels or black paint or to offset chrome accents.

Which Alero model year has white-bluish Oldsmobile headlights?

Bright bluish-white headlights correspond to a color temperature of 6000-kelvins to 7000-kelvins. This range represents average color temperatures for headlights, and you can install them on any Oldsmobile vehicle. Color temperatures are measured in kelvins, which is what the "K" following the number indicates. The color temperature tells what sort of hue and undertones a given light emits.

All types of headlight bulb types are capable of producing a color temperature consistent with bright white to bluish light.