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Dodge Ram 2500 Van Headlights

Your Dodge Rams headlights help you ensure safety and communication when youre on the road. Besides illuminating low-light conditions and improving poor visibility, your Dodge Ram Van 2500 lights help you stay aware of the landscape, landmarks, the road, and pedestrians as you view them through the windshield. Here are some concerns that you might have when looking for automotive lights.

What is LED Xenon conversion?

With conversion kits, you can convert your model year Dodge light to a new type. The name of the conversion kit indicates the type of light. An LED conversion kit lets you convert your Rams existing lights to LED, whereas a Xenon kit lets you convert your existing lights to Xenon or, in some cases, Xenon HID.

What exactly is the Xenon halogen HID filament?

Xenon and halogen are two different types of gases associated with two different types of bulbs. "HID" refers to High-Intensity Discharge. Xenon HID bulbs use electrodes to charge the xenon gas inside the bulb. The charged xenon produces visible light. As a result, xenon HID lights dont contain a filament, a characteristic that distinguishes them from other types of bulbs, such as halogen.

"Halogen" denotes a group of elements, such as fluorine, bromine, chlorine, and iodine. Halogen bulbs, for example, contain a tungsten filament that burns bright when heated by electricity. Halogen, unlike xenon, does not glow. Instead, halogen in the bulb merely prevents the bulbs glass from turning black and prolongs the lifespan of the tungsten filament. Both are viable forms of vehicle lights that burn brightly and provide strong illumination.

What types of Ram hi-lo beams are there?

New types of high and low beams for Dodge and other cars emerge annually. Two examples include the high halogen beam/low HID beam and the high HID/low HID beam. Experts recommend the halogen/HID combination when visibility is extremely poor or when youre driving through desolate stretches in low-light conditions.

Both combinations will come in handy if you drive to work extra early, frequently drive at odd hours, or live in climates where low-light weather conditions are common. Hi-lo beam xenon lights are available in conversion kits that convert one bulb into xenon HID high/low. This offers the luxury of hi-lo xenon HID, allowing you switch between them to avoid glare when youre in the vicinity of other motorists.

What does 6500K mean for lights in cars?

This is a color temperature. Color temperature is a scale of 1,000 to 10,000 measured in Kelvin, an international unit of temperature measurement. Color temperature indicates how a given light appears based on its temperature.

Generally, 2,000 to 3,000 Kelvins corresponds to warm white, or soft yellow, light. Measurements of 3,100 to 4,500 Kelvins are cool white, rather like most hospital lighting. Temperatures of 4,600 to 6,500 Kelvins and above have similar tones to daylight. Any of these color temperatures are suitable for a Dodge Ram Van 2500.