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Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights

Outfit your Dodge Ram 1500 with headlights powerful enough to meet your daily work and recreational needs. Replacement headlights can give the front of your truck a unique look and help you drive in darkness or poor visibility. Knowing some simple facts about this essential automotive component can help you choose the headlights you need with confidence.

How bright should Dodge Ram 1500 headlights be?

All available Dodge Ram headlights have enormous amounts of lumens per bulb. A lumen is a measurement of light emitted per second. Lumen amounts of headlights for Dodge Ram 1500 range from several thousand to several hundred thousand. Higher lumens are useful for your high beams, while slightly lower amounts of lumens are suitable for your low beams.

What lighting can you use in the Dodge Ram 1500?

You can use halogen bulbs in your Dodge Ram factory headlight assembly. You can rewire your current assembly to be compatible with other types of bulbs, such as Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). You also can replace your entire assembly with a new one that supports Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Light (CCFL), xenon, and High-Intensity Discharge (HID). All of them have lumen levels from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand per bulb.

What styles of Dodge Ram headlight assemblies are available?

Factory-style headlights are available for your Dodge Ram. These headlights resemble the original assemblies on your Dodge Ram 1500 at the time of purchase and serve as direct replacements. Euro-style assemblies boast sleek, aerodynamic silhouettes, showcasing lenses that are flush with the front of the assembly. Although styles vary seasonally, there are some that remain excellent options from year to year:

  • Reflective: Headlight assemblies with reflective housing for enhanced brightness.
  • Projector: Contains U-shaped reflective housing and shutters that focus emitted light into beams and project it up or down.
  • Halo: Headlights that resemble illuminated eyes or glowing rings.
  • U-Bar: These headlights are similar to halo, except the illumination is U-shaped.
Are large Dodge Ram 1500 headlamp bulb sizes stronger?

The size of Dodge Ram 1500 headlamp bulbs does not determine their strength. Bulb sizes vary according to the year of your Dodge Ram 1500. Like most manufacturers, Dodge periodically changes the headlamp sizes for their headlights for both aesthetic and functional benefits. Check your Dodge owners manual to locate which sizes are compatible with your Dodge Ram year. Depending on the year, your Ram front end assemblies may accept any of the following sizes:

  • H3, H4. H7, H8. H9, h20, h21, h23
  • D2S
  • 880, 881
  • HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5
What is the Dodge resistor decoder?

A resistor decoder for the Dodge Ram prevents flashing associated with Light-Emitting Diode headlights. LED emits high amounts of lumens per watt. It is so energy efficient that it places no extra load on your trucks circuit. As a result, your truck behaves as if there is no illumination, causing the LED to flash repeatedly. A resistor decoder contributes resistance to the circuit, providing a sizable enough load to prevent flashing and the error messages that coincide with it.