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Dodge Dart Headlights

A number of headlights for Dodge Dart cars are available online. When you search, you need to make sure that the specific product fits your vehicles specific type and model year. You can get headlights to replace those that are broken, or you can get upgraded ones to customize and upgrade your Dodge Dart.

Should you replace just one or both headlights?

Many in the automotive field recommend that people replace both headlights at the same time. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Bulbs have a life expectancy, and their capabilities can gradually diminish. If one bulb on your vehicle has recently gone out because it is old, it is likely that the other one will need replacing sometime soon. If you are taking the time to go under your vehicles hood for installation, it will not take too much additional effort to replace both headlights on your Dodge Dart.
  • If your bulbs shine differently due to age, this could affect your driving. It could be distracting to others on the road, and it could throw off your visual balance at night. You may want to replace both headlights for consistency.
  • If your Dodge is relatively new and only one headlight on your Dart has been damaged, buying just one replacement can be a good idea. The two headlights do not have to be exactly the same age, just relatively close to each other to match performance.
What headlight type should you buy for a Dodge Dart?

Think about whether you want to keep your Dart looking like a factory original, or want it be something more unique and modern.

  • Halogen: These are the most standard option and the type that your Dodge sedan most likely came with from the dealer. They are safe on the road, and they do their job well. Halogen headlights on Dodge Darts emit a yellow light that you are used to seeing while on a drive at night.
  • Xenon: Xenon headlights can illuminate the sides of the road well, as each lamp can produce a lot of light. They are referred to as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. A HID headlight can come in different color tones, from yellowish to bluish.
  • LED: With a cool color temperature, they can appear white, even bluish in some situations. They provide a large light pattern and can be considered a premium option for your Dodge. They offer high energy efficiency and have a long lifespan.