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Dodge Charger Headlights

Freshen the front end of your Dodge Charger with headlights. The Dodge Charger calls police cruisers and race cars to mind, with headlights that are as noticeable and iconic as the vehicles silhouette.

What are the headlight styles?

There are at least half a dozen styles of headlights to choose from, although specific availability varies seasonally. Reflector and projector headlights are two styles. Reflector headlights contain a bulb sitting in front of reflective material, resulting in a wider beam angle that illuminates the road in front of you and the landscape on either side of you for miles in every direction.

Projector headlights contain a bulb sitting in front of reflective material shaped like the letter "U," which focuses emitted light into a beam. Shutters in front of the bulb alter the beams directionality, letting you project light up or down.

Other styles you may encounter include:

  • Euro: Aerodynamically shaped
  • Custom: Assemblies with special features, such as corner signal or turn signal
  • Halo: Ring-shaped lights that look like glowing eyes
What exactly are the h21 and 9005 bulbs?

h21 and 9005 refer to sizes. Headlights require different bulb sizes according to your model year. h21, which is halogen, is typically a low-beam bulb. The 9005 light is a high beam. Check your owners manual to find the right bulb sizes. Additional sizes that are compatible with specific generations of Dodge Charger include:

  • H3, H4, H6, H7, H8, H9, h20, h21, h23
  • D1C, D1R, D1S, D2C, D2S
  • 880
  • HB1, HB3, HB4, HB5
If H8 is halogen, what is an LED H8 kit?

An LED kit lets you use LEDs in your Dodge Charger halogen headlight assembly. Headlight bulbs also have differently-shaped bases, and you must plug a compatible product into the correct base in order for it to work. Conversion kits let you switch lighting types without having to change your entire assembly. The kit essentially contains headlights, ballasts, wiring, and instructions to help you complete the installation.

Which Dodge Charger headlights are bright?

To find bright Dodge Charger headlights, look for lights with a high output of lumens. Lumens are the units of measurement for emitted light. There are no official lumen levels for Dodge Charger headlights. Available lumen levels range from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands.

Naturally, you want tons of lumens for your Dodge Charger high beams or if you consistently commute in low-light conditions. For your Dodge Charger low beams, you might want moderate amounts of lumens.

What are smoke tinted headlights for Dodge Charger?

Advertisers use "smoke" and "tinted" interchangeably, but they are slightly different. Tinting entails placing a tinted film over the outer lens of your headlight. Smoke is a tinted film or tinted spray applied to back of the headlight housing.

Both techniques create the illusion of a headlight assembly that is seamlessly connected to the rest of your Dodge Chargers front end. The actual lights inside the assembly appear to hover or float when turned on. The effect is primarily aesthetic, but some drivers say smoking and tinting also minimize the glare of bright headlights for Dodge Charger without significantly diminishing the lumens.