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Dodge Avenger Headlights

Understanding the different types of headlights and how they function as well as knowing how to replace your headlights should they burn out is an important part of being educated in the workings of your Dodge Avenger. You can make an informed decision about what kind of headlights you want to use depending on the driving conditions that you are most likely to face.

What kinds of Dodge Avenger headlights are available?

There are three different types of headlights that are widely used. Each has its own special characteristics that set it apart from the others, so it is important to know the specifics about each type before choosing the headlights you want to use. For instance, the efficiency of the bulb and the quality of the light provided is very important to your driving experience.

  • Halogen: Developed as an upgrade to the then widely used incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs use a smaller vacuum-sealed tube that contains a combination of halogen gases, iodide, and bromine, which are there to protect the filament inside the bulb from weakening during use. While theyre older than many other designs, they are still the most widely used type of headlights on the market, largely because they offer enough performance and lighting quality to justify their use.
  • Xenon HID: These headlights differ from halogens in that they dont have a filament at all. Instead, there is an arc of electricity that jumps between two electrodes inside of the bulb. Inside of the bulb, there is a combination of gases, including xenon and argon, as well as metallic vapors such as mercury. This arc of electricity passing through the metal vapors and other gases causes them to be turned into a plasma, which emits bright and strong light. This brightness makes it possible to either expand the focus range of the beams or spread out the light and get a wide view without having to compromise the light level you get.
  • LED: LED lights have notable efficiency ratings and are remarkably small for the light level that they are able to emit. Many car manufacturers are looking to LEDs to become the standard of use for headlights in many vehicles.
How do you replace the headlights in a Dodge Avenger?

Replacing the headlights of your Dodge Avenger is a simple process as long as care is taken not to damage the replacement bulbs or the housing that they sit in. First, locate the existing headlights, and then gently remove them by twisting them loose and detaching them from the housing. Attach the replacement bulbs, making sure not to touch the glass with your fingers or anything greasy as this can cause the headlights to wear out much faster when in use. Once the replacement bulbs are mounted, check to make sure that everything is connected properly and is fitted snugly in place.