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Chrysler LeBaron Headlights

Headlights are among the most important safety components on your Chrysler LeBaron. They help you navigate low-light conditions at times of poor visibility, and they enable you to communicate with other drivers. Here are five answers to common questions about Chrysler LeBaron headlights and their replacements.

What types of headlight bulbs can you get?

There are close to a dozen possibilities for your vehicle, but here are a few examples: Halogen, LED, xenon, and HID. They each have unique features and benefits, and all of them make powerful headlights. "Halogen" refers to several chemically related elements, including iodine. Halogen bulbs contain a filament, typically made of tungsten.

Electricity passes through the tungsten, causing it to glow. The halogen within the bulb prolongs the life of the filament and prevents the glass bulb from darkening. With LED, or light-emitting diode, electrons recombine with electron holes after electricity comes into contact with a two-lead semiconductor. The electron activity releases photons, or light energy.

Xenon bulbs contain xenon, a noble gas. The gas causes the initial strike of electricity that arcs between two filaments, usually made of tungsten. HID (high-intensity discharge) headlights work exactly the same way as xenon headlights, except that the arc inside the bulb is smaller, and the surrounding gas may be either xenon or mercury vapors.

What brands of headlights fit the Chrysler LeBaron?

There are dozens of brands whose car headlights fit the LeBaron. The names are too numerous to completely list here, but a few brands include: Wagner, Auto DN, Sylvania, Cree, Philips, DEPO Auto Parts, Eiko, and Dorman. Some of these are OEM Chrysler parts, whereas others are aftermarket branded and private label. The array of placement options includes products for only the left or right side of your LeBaron, or for the whole front.

What are hi-lo beam headlights?

Hi-lo beam headlight bulbs have upper beams that are extremely bright and lower beams that are moderately bright. Experts recommend the upper beams for low-light, or dark, conditions, inclement weather, and bad visibility. When you are in the proximity of other motorists, you should use your low beams.

What color temperature is ideal for driving?

Color temperature does not impact your visual acuity when you are on the road. It merely describes how your light appears based on its degree of hotness expressed in Kelvin, a unit of thermodynamic temperature. Lights give off heat energy, and the amount they emit manifests as a certain gradation of color. Anything with a color temperature above 4,600K resembles daylight. Most headlights have a color temperature of at least 5,000K.

What are LeBaron car conversion kits?

Conversion kits let you upgrade your existing headlights with a newer, more energy-efficient replacement type for your vehicle. For example, an LED kit lets you replace your existing headlights with LED. Some kits convert to HID or xenon. Another popular type of kit converts a single headlight into two beams—an upper xenon HID and a lower halogen, or hi-lo. A variation on this type of kit converts one beam into both an upper and a lower.