Chrysler Aspen Headlights

The Chrysler Aspen is a sports utility vehicle with a hybrid engine, and it seats four to six passengers in its spacious cabin. In order to make sure that your Chrysler SUV is road-worthy, you may need to replace a light bulb in its headlight system or replace the entire assembly if it is damaged in a collision or from an impact with an object. The different trim levels have different fits of lamps, and there are many features to choose from when making these updates to your trucks front lights.

What are the features of Chrysler Aspen headlights?
  • Integration of high and low beams: The Aspen integrates the high and low beams in the lights so that you can adjust them as needed based on the weather conditions, ambient daylight, and traffic level.
  • Ability to accept different types of bulbs: Depending on the model year of the Aspen, the vehicle may be able to accept diode-styled bulbs. All model years accept xenon halogens and incandescent bulbs in the lamp assemblies.
  • Range of housing color options: The headlight assemblies are available with black powder-coated steel housing or a chrome housing assembly that fits with the exterior paint and body color of your Aspen.
How do you choose bulbs for Chrysler Aspen headlights?
  • Select the type of bulb: Choose a light-emitting diode, an incandescent, or a xenon halogen for you Chrysler SUV. Choose a bulb that is clear in color or one that has an adjustable range based on its automatic detection of the level of ambient illumination. You can alternately choose a bulb with a blue glow.
  • Choose the correct wattage: Choose the correct wattage for your Aspens headlight bulbs. The owners manual for your model and production year of Chrysler specifies the correct wattage for the bulbs.
  • Consider an LED conversion kit: If you have a 2007 Aspen, you may wish to update it with an LED conversion kit so that the lamp assembly will accept LED bulbs.
How do you remove a headlight from the Chrysler Aspen?

In order to put a new bulb in or replace the entire headlights assembly in the Chrysler Aspen, you need to remove the original units housing and assembly system. To do this, you will need to release the Chryslers hood so that you can access the assembly through the engine block.

Locate the wiring and disconnect it. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the fasteners, keeping the assembly in place. Additionally, a flat head screwdriver may be needed to lift the housing out of position.

If the front of the headlight has any cracks, tape over them so that no shards fall into the engine or under your truck. Remove the dust cover from the back of the headlight, then push down on the clips to release the bulb. Grasp the new bulb by its base or hold it with a tissue, then push it into the clips, so it fits snugly. For replacing the entire headlights assembly, push out the entire housing unit. Finally, replace all of the Chryslers covers and wiring.