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Cadillac DeVille Headlights

Since 1958, seven generations of the Cadillac Deville have defined what it means to be a luxury model sedan. The last Cadillac Deville model was manufactured in 2005, and in 2006, the name of this Cadillac car changed to the Deville DTS. If you need Cadillac Deville headlights, there are a few things that you should consider.

How do you know if your headlights need replacing?

There are several signs that the headlights may need to be replaced in your Cadillac sedan. Of course, if it is not working at all it is likely the bulb may be blown out. Sometimes bulbs may grow dim as they age and give a warning that they are about to go out. Other times, they simply fail without warning. If the lens on your vehicle headlight is foggy, has moisture on the inside, or has grown cloudy over the years, it may be time to replace the entire headlight assembly in your DeVille. Whenever headlights have problems in a car, other than an obvious crack or break, replacing the bulb is usually the easiest solution to try first. If replacing the bulb does not work, then it is time to examine electrical circuits, housings, fuses, and other parts.

Can you replace incandescent lights with LED lights?

The headlight style has always been a distinguishing characteristic of the Cadillac Deville throughout the years. Although headlight styles changed with each successive generation, the headlights remained one of the more identifiable features of the car. Incandescent headlights are relatively dim compared to the newer LED alternatives. LED lights do not get as hot to the touch on the bulb as incandescent headlights, but an LED light has a tendency to fail due to overheating at a much lower temperature. Therefore, when replacing incandescent lights with LED lights, a conversion kit must be used. The LED conversion kit has a cooling mechanism to keep the LED lights from overheating and failing. Replacing incandescent lights on your Cadillac Deville with LEDs will allow the driver to see better at night, and it will give the vehicle a distinctive appearance.

Can you keep a vintage look with LED headlights?

If you have a vintage Cadillac Deville and want to keep the classic look, there are solutions available that will allow you to do this. LED headlights are considered to be safer than the original vintage headlights, which is a good reason for the upgrade. However, new LED headlight assemblies would negatively affect the appearance of a classic restoration project. Aftermarket manufacturers have developed LED headlights that look exactly like vintage headlights, only they are much brighter and have all of the advantages of an LED headlight. This allows you to keep the correct vintage look, yet with light sets that meet modern manufacturing requirements.

Do you have to replace both bulbs at once?

If one of your headlight bulbs has blown, it is recommended that you replace both at the same time. This is based on the assumption that both will wear out at a similar rate and the other one will need to be replaced soon. However, other than convenience, there is no technical reason why both light bulbs have to be replaced at the same time.