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Headlights for Cadillac DTS

Project a pair of powerful beams into the darkness with fully operational headlights for the Cadillac DTS model sedan. Beyond serving an obvious practical value, the headlights on your Cadillac are also highly customizable, providing ample opportunities to manifest a unique look. Select the headlights that fit your diverse needs as a Cadillac DTS driver.

What types of Cadillac DTS headlights are available?

Though the exact shape and size of the headlights that are perfect for your Cadillac DTS varies widely based on the year of manufacture, the core functionality of these vital parts is provided by one of two artificial illumination technologies: high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs or light-emitting diodes (LEDs). HID bulbs are lauded for their intense brightness and reliable construction and usually last between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. These bulbs consist of a ballast and a glass housing that contains two tungsten electrodes. When xenon gas is released into the housing and an electrical current is run to the electrodes, a brilliant arc of electricity manifests itself. LEDs do not make use of a glass housing or electrodes and instead consist of various semiconductor materials like gallium phosphide. This type of lighting technology is incredibly energy-efficient and stays cool no matter how long it is left on. Each LED diode is rated to last 50,000 hours, which means that you could conceivably leave an LED light on for 5.7 years straight.

Should both Cadillac DTS headlights be replaced simultaneously?

While it is understandably tempting to only replace the headlight that is causing the issue, HID bulbs gradually lose luminosity throughout their life span. This means that if you only replace one headlight with a new HID or LED bulb, there will be a significant discrepancy in brightness between the headlights that not only looks displeasing, but can also be distracting to other drivers. This issue can be exacerbated by debris or particulate matter that accumulates on the headlight lens. It is therefore strongly recommended that both headlight bulbs or assemblies be replaced at the same time.

How do you replace Cadillac DTS headlight assemblies?

Replacing the headlight assemblies in your Cadillac sedan is easy and takes about an hour. Equip yourself with a socket wrench and follow these straightforward instructions to get the job done. The steps involved may vary somewhat with the year of manufacture.

  • The vehicles engine should be turned off and the negative battery terminal disconnected before beginning. Choose a side to start with.
  • Locate and remove the bolts at the front and top of the headlight assembly. The DTS assembly is still connected with a rear pin, so gently wiggle it outward to remove it from the socket.
  • When the headlight comes free, disconnect the Cadillacs electrical harness from the rear. Connect this harness to the new headlight assembly and insert the assembly into the socket.
  • Insert the bolts to secure the assembly in place and then repeat these steps for the other assembly. Connect the vehicles battery and ignite the engine to test your new headlights.