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Nissan 350Z Headlight and Taillight Covers

You can add personal style to your Nissan 350Z with relative ease. With attractive headlight and taillight covers, your Nissan will stand out from the others as you drive down the road. You can get everything from a smoked tint to an eyelid shape.

What is the purpose of transparent vinyl for headlight covers?

Transparent vinyl gives your headlights a sporty look. They can also be used as taillight covers to create a smoked appearance. Although some types of vinyl can provide protection from damage, their main purpose is style. Specifically, the product does not dull your night vision, allowing the outgoing light to shine through the vinyl brightly.

Transparent vinyl is slow to fade, making them a desirable form of headlight covers for car owners who love to show off their vehicles.

Can you get light covers that match your vehicles paint?

You can get covers that either matches the paint or complement it. Some vehicle owners prefer to tint their headlight covers; the most common colors are blue, red, and black. You can also achieve a smoked appearance with both light and dark black.

For an interesting twist, try accented headlight or taillight covers. They may be slotted or designed with various geometric figures. Although many accented light covers come in black, they can be painted in any color that you desire for a unique appearance.

Can headlight covers be removed?

Both headlight and taillight covers are usually made for easy removal. Some are made with a hook-and-loop system that detaches easily. If you want a cover to use for overnight protection only, you need a set with tabs.

Hook-and-loop tabs are strong and durable. However, be sure to remove the light covers before you drive if theyre designed for off-road usage. Many Nissan 350Z owners choose to leave their light covers on at all times. And with covers that allow your lights to shine through, youll rarely need to remove them except to change the bulbs.

What kind of materials are in typical headlight covers?

The most widely used material for headlight and taillight covers is acrylic. This material is strong enough to endure the impact of flying rocks and debris. It also protects your vehicles lights from cracks and scratches. While transparent vinyl can also serve as a safeguard against moving objects, its not as thick and sturdy as acrylic. The rear of your car is less likely than the front to be hit by fast-moving objects; however, you may wish to invest in taillight covers, too.

Can you get headlight covers custom-made in unique shapes?

Your Nissan 350Z may require covers for eyebrow eyelid or projector front lights. Halo and LED headlights are a favorite among owners. Taillights can be made with different characteristics as well. The Euro-style is commonly used for the Nissan 350Z; Spyder taillights are also appropriate for this vehicle make and model. Although you can get light covers in a variety of colors, many drivers prefer the sleek appearance of black.