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Hasselblad Camera Lens Hood

Hasselblad brand cameras and accessories date to the early 20th century and have a notable history. For example, the Swedish Air Force used them during World War II to capture aerial images from where cameras were mounted on aircraft. Lens hoods manufactured by this Swedish company come in a variety of configurations and shapes, matching different camera lines designed over several decades.

What are the different shapes of Hasselblad shades or hoods?

Hasselblad camera hoods or shades come in a variety of shapes to match a wide variety of Hasselblad camera models. Given the purpose of a hood to block glare or lens flare on the film exposure, these hoods must be proportioned and designed to match both the focal length of the given lens as well as the finished shape of the exposure or film. Some of the most common Hasselblad camera lens shade shapes include:

  • Conical where the shade has a narrower attachment to the lens body and a wider opening.
  • Cylindrical where the lens shade is a cylinder with both the attachment and the opening having equal widths.
  • Petal also known as chopped or cut away where the lens shade resembles the petals of a flower or tulip, creates optimal amounts of protection from glare at the focal point while still allowing the maximum amount of light for the film exposure at the edges of the image.
  • Rounded Cube that is often seen on Hasselblad lens shades given the square configuration of film or exposures within many models of Hasselblad cameras.
What materials are used to make moving bellow lens shades?

Expandable bellow lens shades are made from different materials based upon the date of their manufacture. Older models of bellows shades are made with metal folding parts; newer models of bellows shades are made with plastic parts. Both types of bellows require adapter rings to attach the shade to the lens of a Hasselblad camera. Bellows lens shades also feature what is known as brakes that keep the bellows fully extended while the photograph is being taken.

How do hoods prevent flare?

A lens may include several different layers of glass that create the ability to focus or zoom out or in on the subject matter. Extra light that passes through the system can thus become diffused or scattered as it meets the different layers of glass. As this happens, this light becomes flare which can create unwanted areas of exposure on the image in the photograph. A hood blocks unwanted light thus cuts down on the occurrence of flare.

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