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HP Printers

HP, the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise company, offers laptop computers, desktop computers, printers, inks, toners, and accessories. HP printers on sale come in categories like home, business, sprocket, print only, multifunction, large format/digital presses, and 3D printers. These compact devices also come with many connectivity ports, allowing you to hook your modem, computer, or camera directly to the device for straightforward printing.

What do the different printer technologies mean?

When you are searching for your next Hewlett-Packard printer, there are several different types that you may want to consider:

  • Laser: Laser printers use technology similar to what is used in a copier: A laser heats up the toner powder in the system to create a pattern of dots.
  • Inkjet: Inkjet printers use ink cartridges to spray ink on the paper you have placed inside. These results can be achieved with either color ink or black ink.
  • Thermal: This type of technology pushes heated pins against paper that is heat sensitive, which is a standard technology in fax machines.
  • Zink: This technology is used specifically for digital printers and prints in a single pass with a combination of thermal paper.
  • Dot matrix: This technology sets a variety of pins against an ink ribbon, as each pin creates a very small dot. Using numerous pins, these dots can create letters and words.

What types of printers are available from HP?

HP printers all in one offer several different printer types for you to consider:

  • All-in-one printer: An all-in-one printer can be used for several tasks, including copying, printing, and scanning.
  • Workgroup printer: This type was designed for use in an office setting and includes wireless technology that allows it to be hooked up to many different devices in the office.
  • ID card printer: This specializes in the printing of ID cards.
  • Standard printer: This type focuses entirely on printing and can print in white and color.
  • Mobile printer: This includes technology that allows you to print remotely with your cellphone or smartphone.

What are some features available on these printers?

The features you are provided depend on which printer model you choose; some include LCDs with touchscreens, while others allow you to print pictures with photo paper. Many models are outfitted with AirPrint technology that lets you print via mobile device. Additional features include printing directly from an SD card, two-sided color prints, and borderless prints. The HP printer is one of the best HP printers you will come across.

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