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What to Know About Hp Intel Pentium D Desktop PCs

Shopping for a desktop PC with the performance profile of Intel Pentium requires a bit of information. These HP PCs have Intel's Pentium D microprocessors and can be used as a second PC at home or an additional workstation for a business. You can find the right HP Pentium D and learn more about it here.

What is the Intel Pentium D microprocessor?

Intel's Pentium D brand was a series of microprocessors first released in 2005. These processors are a 64-bit, dual-core version of the Pentium 4 Prescott microprocessor. They run at clock speeds between 2.66 GHz and 3.73 GHz. It was this generation of Intel chips that introduced the possibility of running software in parallel "threads" that were controlled by separate cores on the same CPU. Computers with these processors could function as though they had more than one CPU. Intel also introduced hyperthreading versions of the Intel Pentium D microprocessors in 2005 which allowed a single core to handle two software tasks at a time. Processors with this hyperthreading feature were given the "Extreme Edition" label.

What are some features to look for in a PC?

HP PCs come with a variety of hardware and software features to consider when comparing them, including:

  • Operating system: Not all operating systems are compatible with the software you may need to use with a computer, and some computers lack the hardware needed to run the OS that will work for your software. Windows 10 is compatible with Pentium D.
  • Microprocessor: The central processor is the engine of a computer, so check a CPU's benchmark scores to compare it to other CPUs if performance is a concern.
  • Media and video ports: You may need particular A/V ports like HDMI, or you may want USB ports to transfer large amounts of data fast.
  • System memory: The more RAM a computer has, the better it will handle multitasking. Also, consider the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed for later upgrades.
  • Hard drive: A hard drive provides long-term storage for software and media files installed on a PC as well as backups and system images. Also, a solid state drive is intended to boost a computer's performance significantly.
What HP PC models used the dual-core Intel Pentium processors?

Many of HP PC product lines used these microprocessors, including:

  • Omni All-in-One PCs
  • Pavilion home PCs
  • Pro Small Form Factor PCs
  • Pro Desktop PCs