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H&M Men's Suits

A top-quality, comfortable suit is essential to have hanging in any man's closet. It can be worn for professional functions, formal occasions, festive gatherings, and more. Whether you need a blazer or a full suit, H&M has a wide variety of options to choose from.

What kinds of suits does H&M sell?

There are multiple shades and colors of all available options, including plenty of different black and gray hues. Here are the major options you can find:

  • Traditional fit: A traditional fit skims the body without being excessively fitted. The basic options will just include the suit and pants, but some suits may contain extra pieces.
  • Slim fit: One of the more contemporary fits is the slim fit. This whole suit is meant to be tailored to fit your body, giving you a slim fit and sleek look. These slim fit suits include the entire kit, from slim fit pants to a slim fit blazer or suit jacket.
  • Suit jackets: You may already have a white collared shirt and pants already tailored. In that case, you can find individual suit jackets and blazers. These blazers are usually made from a cotton and wool hybrid and come in black, gray, or navy blue. There are different fits of jackets available as well.
What constitutes a good fit for a suit?

There are a few things you should look for in potential wool suits to ensure a good fit, including:

  • Shoulder width: Though you will most likely pull the back and sides of a jacket to slim it down, a major component to be aware of when first trying it on is the shoulder seam. You should make sure the shoulder seam on both sides of the jacket is not too far down your arm. At most, it should be an inch down.
  • Pant length: One tricky measurement to get right is the length of each pant leg. You do not want it too long or too short, so make sure you accurately measure your pant length. If you are going to err, you should err on the side of a little extra length. Pants can be shortened if adjustments are necessary.
  • Arm length: Suits should end right above the hands. You do not want a jacket that falls down to your knuckles or ends above your wrist bone.
What does a suit set contain?

The standard definition for a suit in the fashion industry is any set of garments made from the same cloth. The most basic suits for men may just contain a jacket and pants. Some men's suits, which are called three-piece suits, may also contain a waistcoat or vest from the matching fabric.

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