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Store Your Firearms Safely With Gun Cabinets and Safes

Gun cabinets and safes are an essential part of the items in a shooter's household. Ensuring that your arsenal is secure is one of the main responsibilities of being a pistol, rifle, or shotgun owner. You can find gun cabinets and safe for your firearms that suit your needs at affordable prices on eBay.

Do electronic safes all have the same kind of locking system?

For electronic safes, there is normally a program installed that allows for a unique master code. The master code is a serial number that is specific for every safe, implying that no other safe can have a similar default code to yours. By using this code, the company is able to reset the lock to default settings just in case you ever lose the code.

Are there different types of locking mechanisms used by gun safes and cabinets?

Yes. There are three main types of locking mechanisms used to safely store your rifles, handguns, and other firearms. Some of the available locks may include:

  • Electronic Locks: This locking system is classified as the safest locking mechanism, as it would take approximately 28 years, working 24/7 to crack through the 999,999 available combinations. In addition, after three wrong attempts, there is a 15-minute lockout.
  • Mechanical Dial Locks: These are a more traditional alternative to the electronic locks.
  • Duet and Dual Locks: These are a combination of the above two locking styles, thus they have both dial and electronic capabilities.
How many guns can be stored in your gun cabinet?

The capacity of the gun's vault is the number of rifles and pistols that can be physically accommodated inside it. Most gun cabinets and safes have the capability of storing between one and thirty guns, depending on the manufacturer. However, the gun safe's capacity can be doubled especially if the gun vault is installed lying down. See the manufacturer's site for details.

What types of brands offer these firearms cabinets and safes?

eBay offers several well-known brands that feature the styles and features you may be looking for. They include:

  • Barska
  • Browning
  • Bulldog
  • Gunvault
  • Hornady
  • Liberty
  • Lockdown
  • Stack-on

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