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Gummi Candy Is Delicious for the Whole Family

Gummi candy refers to sweet treats that come in different flavors. You can opt for packages that include multiple flavors or those that include your favorite treat. The candies are soft enough to easily chew and are suitable for snackers of all ages.

Are gummi candies gluten free?

Those who suffer from certain health problems and medical conditions cannot ingest gluten and need to follow a gluten-free diet. Ingesting gluten can cause mild discomfort and other symptoms. While you can find some that lack gluten, not all gummies are free of gluten. You can read through the ingredient listing to make sure that the candy is safe for you or a loved one.

Can vegetarians eat gummi candy?

Though you might think that all gummi candies are safe for vegetarians, some of these sweet treats are not. You should check the ingredient list for gelatin, which is an ingredient made from animal byproducts. Some vegetarians will eat gummy bears and other snacks that contain gelatin, but vegans will not. Healthier gummi candies use fresh fruit juices to sweeten the treats and cut down on the amount of sugar needed. An average serving of gummy bears has 130 calories and 19 grams of sugar.

Is there more to gummies than bears?

You might think of gummy bears that come in fun flavors such as pineapple and strawberry when thinking about these candies. There is more to this world than those simple little bears. You might go with worms that come in the same flavors but are longer and thinner. Jelly candies have a similar texture but are slightly larger in size. There are also peach rings, which are gummies shaped like a ring. They have a sweet and juicy peach flavor. You might like fruit slices too. Fruit slices are gummies that have a sugary exterior and are shaped like different fruits. Some imported gummi candy and novelty gummies resemble other foods as well as animals, including frogs and cheeseburgers.

What color represents each flavor?

Gummi bears come in 12 different standard flavors with each color telling you the flavor of the treat. Some companies make different exotic flavors, especially those that make imported gummi candy. Gummies made to resemble cartoon characters and other designs can mix varius colors together. This lets you enjoy two flavors in one snack. Some companies such as Albanese make even more flavors. The colors and flavors that you'll find include:

  • Red: raspberry
  • Green: strawberry
  • Orange: orange
  • Yellow: lemon
  • Pineapple: white
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