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Gucci Men's Belts

Questions About Gucci Mens Belts

If you are ready to make a fashionable mark among your crowd of friends, stun them with a top-notch Gucci mens belt. These reasonably priced Gucci belts come in a wide range of styles.

Is the belt one-size-fits all?

The belt is not one-size-fits-all, and you will need to check the details depending on which belt you purchase. Sizing for mens belts ranges from 28 to 30 inches at the extra-small level to 36 to 38 inches at the extra-large level. See the manufacturer site for details. Be sure to measure your own size to find out which belt you should purchase.

How do you choose the right belt to wear?

First, measure the size of your waist. This will determine which belt size you should buy. Next, look at the design of the signature leather belt you wish to purchase. Some will have a black buckle while others will have a gold one. Depending on your own personal preferences and your wardrobe, you should choose the belt that aligns with your fashion and sense of style.

A new and unused belt package on eBay will come with accessories including, an authentic Gucci Belt, original box, dustbag for traveling, and original tags.

How do you know if the belt is original?

There are a few things you can look for to decide whether or not you have purchased a legitimate belt:

  • Step 1: When you first receive your box, youll be able to tell if you are dealing with legitimacy when you look at the color of the box. A real box will have a slightly pink-ish, off-white hue, unlike the fake.
  • Step 2: After unboxing, take a look at the dust bags. The real Gucci dust bags will have a purer white color while fake versions will be slightly duller and not nearly as clean.
  • Step 3: Looking at the actual belt, youll notice a more quality shine on the buckle of an authentic belt. The stitching is also firmer and of higher quality. Additionally, the "G patterning" will be of higher quality on the real belt, while fake belts will have a more "cramped" patterning style.

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