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Choose Your Favorite Gucci Loafers, Flats, and Oxfords for Women

Gucci is a fashion company that makes a complete line of clothing and accessories, including loafers and other flat shoes that are suitable for women. eBay carries a broad selection of inexpensive women's Gucci loafers that you can add to your collection. Familiarizing yourself with some of the types of shoes from their product line, and the features you can choose from, will help you find the right ones.

Which heel types can you choose on women's Gucci loafers?

Although most Gucci loafers for women are not as high as traditional heels, the company does make several models that have some heel to them. If you like a bit of heel on your loafers or oxfords, eBay can help you find what you are looking for via its helpful sidebar categories. You can choose the heel height that works for you on other shoes or browse through the entire selection. Some of the options you can choose here are:

  • Flat - Flat loafers for women either have no heel at all or a slight heel that might go up to one half-inch segment.
  • Low - A low heel for women's Gucci loafers typically refers to any heel that goes over the one-inch mark.
  • Medium - Medium heels can be over 2 inches in height.
Fastening methods for women's Gucci loafers

You may wish to choose your favorite pair of women's Gucci loafers based on how you can fasten them to your feet. If you have a preferred fastening method for most of your shoes already, you can use eBay to find the loafers, flats, or oxfords that also use that same method. Some common fasteners that Gucci incorporate into many of its women's shoes are:

  • None - Some of the Gucci loafers you will find on eBay are designed to allow you to slip into or pull them on without needing to fasten them. You can check shoe sizes to find the ones that will fit your feet.
  • Laces - If you prefer to lace up your loafers, you can find several new and pre-owned women's Gucci loafers that employ this fastening method.
Purchasing used Gucci loafers

You can buy both new and used women's Gucci loafers on eBay. If you are looking for a particular pattern or vintage style, you may find it in a pre-owned pair of shoes. This can also be a great way to try a pair of Gucci loafers at an affordable price. Note that used items may still include original packaging and can look new.