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Grundig Portable AM/FM Radios

Grundig Portable AM/FM Radios

Grundig portable radios have strong receivers that can tune AM, FM, shortwave, and longwave radio stations. This lets users hear news and entertainment from around the corner or around the world. With many varieties of radios to choose from, there are a few things to keep in mind prior to purchasing a Grundig radio.

What are the features of a Grundig radio?

A Grundig radio may come with the following features.

  • A long, efficient antenna that allows for a clear signal regardless of the band being used.
  • A preset button that lets you store your favorite stations for quick recall.
  • Some models also come with an attached leather cover or leatherette case for storage. It may also have a handle across the top of the radio or a nylon wrist strap attached to the side to make it easy to carry your Grundig.
  • A convertible tilt stand on the back and two small blades on the bottom for stability on a flat surface.
  • A clock feature that lets you set two types of alarms. The alarm will either play a preselected radio station or a beeping sound. The alarm times can be entered using the keypad, and an icon on the liquid crystal display alerts you to the alarm being set. A snooze button is included. The time is displayed whether the radio is on or off, and the time can be set to a 12- or 24-hour clock.
How do you tune a Grundig radio?

The following instructions detail how to tune a Grundig radio.

  • On an analogue model, select the desired frequency with the frequency switch. Then, using the knob, select the desired channel.
  • On a digital model, select the desired frequency with the switch. Then, using the buttons on the keypad, enter the desired station. Use the tuning dial on the side for fine tuning.
  • All models let you tune with several band options for improved reception.
What designs are available?

Here are a few of the many models to choose from.

  • Etons Grundig-edition field radio features a digital display and analog-style knobs. There are buttons for setting the time, alarms, and presets. This model also features a shoulder strap.
  • The Grundig Executive Traveler tunes in to every radio wavelength available, including medium and longwave.
  • The YB-P2000 Porsche Design radio comes with a concave speaker, silver antenna, and bar-like buttons.
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