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Choosing a Golf Rangefinder to Ace Your Game

A golf rangefinder can help you figure out the distance to your target while youre on the course. Once that distance and range are determined, you can better choose the right swing or club. Beginning golfers and experienced duffers alike can improve their games with rangefinders, so check out the tips below when buying new or used rangefinders from eBay.

What are the benefits of using a laser rangefinder?

There are several benefits to using a laser rangefinder when golfing:

  • Laser beam: A laser rangefinder uses a laser beam to find its target and is considered by many golfers to be the most accurate.
  • Yardage measurement: It gives you a very accurate yardage measurement to whichever target you’re looking for, so long as the distance is within several hundred yards.
  • Magnification: Laser rangefinders come with magnification capabilities, allowing you to easily zoom in on your target.
  • Point and shoot: Laser rangefinders are designed with a point-and-shoot feature for ease of use.
Should you use a rangefinder that comes with a slope?

A slope is a device that measures how much elevation changes between you and your target. It also measures the distance that a shot will play. A slope can also calculate the actual distance from you to your target. The only downside to using a slope is that it’s not allowed if youre playing in an actual competition. If youre simply playing with friends, then its definitely something that you can look into considering.

First-target priority technology

When you see rangefinders today, most come with technology that allows you to separate foreground objects from background objects. A computer algorithm will get rid of signals from the background objects that you don’t want and hone in on the exact objects that youre looking for. This helps to avoid casting a false distance on a branch or other point in between you and the hole. It works on golf flags and targets.

GPS rangefinders

A GPS rangefinder can be a really excellent choice for golfers of all levels. This type of rangefinder comes with a pre-loaded map of your golf course. It uses GPS technology to help you figure out distances across the range. Some GPS technology comes with auto-recognition software, so you dont have to worry about manually inputting certain course information. Some dont have this technology, however, so check out the model that youre interested in to find out its exact specs.