Piezas y accesorios para carro de golf

Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Golf carts are simple vehicles that use electricity to drive. There are several golf cart parts that you need to understand if you own a cart. These accessories will vary depending on a variety of different items.

How do golf cart parts make carts more comfortable?

Golf cart owners can add a variety of parts to their carts to make them more comfortable. For example, a Club Car Precedent folding rear back seat kit is a useful addition to a golf cart. It helps make the rear seat of your cart more comfortable and provides you with a place to store your clubs.

Another item you can add to your golf cart to improve its comfort is a windshield. Windshields help protect your golf cart from bugs and debris. Other comfort items include floor mats and seating pads.

Can golf cart parts help improve the way a golf cart operates?

When choosing accessories for a golf cart, you can choose items that help it run more smoothly. For example, you can buy a 48-volt golf cart battery. These accessories help to power your golf cart even over hills.

You can also buy Club Car engine parts, such as a transmission, that helps your golf cart shift properly. These parts can be swapped between different cart models.

How are the wheels different between different golf carts?

Golf carts require the use of high-quality wheels that grip the ground and help you ride smoothly. The main differences between different tires and wheels are the diameter and the width of the side walls. For example, some wheels are 10-14 inches in diameter. The side wall of a tire varies in width from 3-6 inches or so.

The difference between wheels and tires for carts also depend on the type of material used to build them. Most are built out of rubber with a metal rim. However, some wheels may be created with a synthetic alternative. The model may also vary depending on the kit used to install it on your cart.

How else can these items improve your golf cart operation?

Improving your steering with new hub adapters is a good idea if you own a golf cart. These items attach to your wheels and help them move more smoothly. For example, Yamaha G1 models from 1983 to 1989 typically possess the same kind of steering hubs. Most should be adaptable to other years and other types of Yamaha carts.

You can also add mirrors to the side of your cart to make it safer to drive. These can attach on the side and make it easy to see behind you on the left and right sides. Some types may be able to hang on your windshield to provide you with a view from behind your cart.