Genie Scissor and Boom Lifts

Move Your Work Force With Work Platforms From Genie

Genie is a manufacturer of aerial work platforms, including scissor and boom lifts. This type of equipment can move workers and materials into high work areas. Youll find affordable equipment from eBays variety of new and used lifts.

What is the difference between a scissor and boom lift?

You can find both types of equipment at an industrial or manufacturing job site. A scissor work platform is used to elevate workers up into a high area. The platform is supported by crisscrossing brackets that extend into an upward position. The movement of a scissor work platform is limited as it can only move up and down. This type of equipment can accommodate several workers and material on its large platform and can extend to a height of 20 to 50 feet.

A boom lift has a little more flexibility than a scissor platform. It has a hydraulic arm that can maneuver around various types of obstacles. This piece of equipment can be angled to reach difficult places. The platform can also reach higher areas than the scissor machine. They can typically extend up to 130 feet. This type of equipment has a smaller platform and is limited on the number of workers or materials it can hold.

Are there different types of Genie boom lifts?

There are two types of boom lifts. The articulating work platform is easier to move. They have arms that are flexible and can bend around obstacles. The telescope lifts have straight arms. They can be a little more difficult to maneuver around objects. The telescope work platform can hold more weight than the articulating lift.

Does Genie have accessories available for their aerial work platforms?

Genie has a full line of accessories for their work platforms. Many of these accessories can help keep operators safe while on the machines. Some attachments can keep tools and materials secured to the work platform. These additional accessories include the following:

  • Platform Mesh
  • Link Diagnostics Tools
  • Operator Protective Structure (OPS)
  • Fall Arrest Bar
  • Swing Gate
  • Contact Alarm
  • Panel Cradle
  • Pipe Cradle
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