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Garden Compost Bins

Stop tossing out your yard waste and create your own compost pile. Waste from your kitchen and yard can easily transform into rich, black fertilizer. A plastic compost bin can quickly recycle your waste and provide your garden with added nutrients.

How do you start a compost pile?

Your composter can help transform your garden while recycling organic matter. With a few simple steps, you can start putting your compost bin to work.

  • Carbon-Rich Matter: Start by blending in carbon-rich materials like vegetables, dead plants, or fall leaves. Green material like fruit rinds, manure, and plant-based kitchen waste can be used.
  • Blend the Mixture Together: Use the brown stuff to create a base layer. Add several inches of the green plants and materials. Put a layer of dirt on top of that. Add another layer of brown stuff before adding moisture to the layers.
  • Continue Layering: Keep layering the different materials until you have a compost pile that is about 3 feet tall.
  • Stir the Pile: Every few weeks, bring a shovel or garden fork to your compost bin. Stir the compost. Compost in the center of the compost bin should be pushed outward. When you turn the compost, you may see steam rising up. This is a sign that the compost in your composter is starting to decompose. Before long, you will have black, rich soil for your garden.
How do you set up a compost bin?

You can easily set up a compost bin in your yard. Use brown and green matter on the composter. Items like corn stalks, leaves, kitchen matter, and grass can go in the plastic compost container. Once everything is layered, add some soil and turn the pile every few weeks.

What is a Bokashi bin?

The Bokashi bin is a kind of composter. This compost bucket is an easy way to recycle food scraps. It minimizes smell and mess to make high-quality composting soil. You can add leftover fruits, bread, rice, pasta, bones, dairy, coffee grins, and meats to the bin. Unlike other compost options, the Bokashi bin focuses primarily on kitchen-related matter.

What can be put into a compost bin?

You can add a number of organic materials to your compost.

  • Green and Wet Items: Green items include egg shells, fresh grass clippings, plate scrapings, fruit scraps, vegetables, tea bags, and plant trimmings.
  • Brown Matter: Brown matter includes things like twigs, dryer lint, dry leaves, and hay. You can also add nuts, sawdust, shredded newspaper, wood ashes, shredded cereal boxes, pine cones, wood shavings, shredded egg cartons, and dried glass clippings.