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Connect Furutech RCA Home Audio Plugs and Jacks to a Sound System, and Let the Hardware Distribute Sounds to Your Speakers

Furutech RCA home audio plugs are pieces that connect to a sound systems audio ports. You can use these accessories to enhance or restore sound quality when an old plug or jack develops inefficiencies. eBay has a number of affordable Furutech RCA cables that you can purchase right now.

What are audio plugs and jacks?

Audio plugs and jacks are connectors that transmit sound signals. Typically, if a product requires a jack, you can use a plug because both accessories have the same design elements. Many plugs and jacks on eBay are made for audio systems that produce analog sound.

What are the design options for RCA plugs?

When RCA plugs are designed, each connector piece is molded out of a metal material. The type of metal is important as certain options transmit sounds differently. Youll find a variety of plugs and jacks on eBay that are constructed out of common metals, such as nickel and brass. Most metals will have a specific plate, and the main options are the following:

  • Silver plates: Silver-plated jacks are very common as they have practical properties that distribute audio efficiently. These jacks are dense, so they wont bend or warp easily in heated environments.
  • Gold plates: Gold-plated plugs and jacks produce slightly better sounds. These pieces are tough because the gold coating prevents corrosion.
What features are included with RCA plugs?

On eBay, there are dozens of plugs by RCA that have very unique features that impact sound quality and durability. The main features are the following:

  • A copper alloy block: Copper alloy is used to make the housing on many RCA plugs and jacks. This material is beneficial because it has a layer that resists corrosion.
  • A Teflon housing: A Teflon plate is featured on many high-end RCA connector accessories. The coating enhances sounds by absorbing electromagnetic feedback.
What type of audio products are compatible with RCA plugs?

After the plugs and jacks are wired, they can be connected to various consumer electronic devices that produce analog sounds. Analog sound is an old format thats featured on classic records and cassette tapes. An analog signal and a digital signal arent the same because analog tracks produce continuous sounds without interruptions. As a result, RCA jacks and plugs are compatible with the following analogs:

  • Stereo speakers
  • Car audio speakers
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