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Finding the Right Inflatable Island to Enjoy On the Lake or River With Friends and Family

Spending a beautiful summer day on the lake with friends and family is a fun pastime, and you want to find the floating island inflatable raft that will be fun for everyone. You can find a wide selection of affordable inflatable rafts on eBay for many occasions.

Can all inflatable rafts be used in all water bodies?

Some inflatable rafts are better designed for certain bodies of water than others. For instance, very large inflatable rafts are better suited for lakes rather than pools, like a four-person raft. Some inflatable rafts are specially designed for use in rivers with thicker material and a smaller design. Check the specifications on each inflatable raft to understand its potential uses.

How to choose the right raft for your purposes

One of the first things that you need to decide is how many people you would like the raft to accommodate. Most rafts fit between one and eight users. You also need to know how and where you intend on using it. If you want to take it down the river, you'll need an inflatable raft that's specially designed for that purpose, although that particular raft can also be used on a lake. You also need to know who will be using it. Some rafts are specifically designed for very young children and won't be comfortable or support the weight of adults.

Styles of inflatable rafts on eBay

There are several styles of inflatable rafts on eBay, including the following:

  • Animal shapes: Unicorns, peacocks, and flamingos that fit several people are fun styles.
  • Floating islands for children: Inflatable flotation devices that have slides and activity centers are made specifically for children.
  • Family inflatable islands: These devices are comfortable for people of all ages and sizes.
  • Inflatable trampolines: This type of flotation device has a trampoline set within the center of a large, inflatable tube.
What features are included on an inflatable island raft?

Some floating island inflatable rafts have umbrella-like canopies over a portion of the raft to provide shade, and other rafts have a hole in the center that people can put their feet through. Some have individual seats, and some have more of a bench design. Others have backrests, cup holders, and built-in coolers for storing beverages. Lounging seats are also included on some models, and others even have a table in the middle of several chairs, making them great for having a conversation or even a snack. Finally, some models designed for children's use have a slide.