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Fishing Decals, Stickers, and Patches

Many of those who fish choose to showcase their favorite brands and aspects of the sport through decals, stickers, and patches. Stickers exist for large equipment brands like boat manufacturers and tackle brands like those of high-quality hooks or lures. By understanding the types of decals and fishing stickers as well as their care, you can ensure that you will find a decal well-suited for your needs.

What materials are fishing decals made of?

Fishing or fish-themed decals and stickers are most frequently made from one or more of three major materials:

  • Litho stock - Litho stock is used for most stickers that will experience mostly indoor use.
  • Litho stock and latex - If the sticker has fine details, latex may be added to allow the sticker or decal to be more flexible without tearing.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl is durable or well-suited for outdoor usage or travel, especially when used on equipment used to fish.
What types of fishing decals are there?

The designs and purposes offered on vinyl fishing decals typically fall into several categories. These are:

  • Logos - You can find vinyl decals with a company's logo, including certain brands of equipment such hooks or lures, fly-fishing equipment, and large items like fishing boats.
  • Humor - Other fishing decals have humorous phrases or art covering aspects of fishing, sometimes catering to niche groups like those who specifically fish for trout or those who competitively fish.
  • Specific interests - Some decals show others that you have a particular interest, like fly-fishing or deep-sea fishing.
  • Identification - Some stickers may allow you to write your contact information on them in case your gear gets separated from you while flying or traveling in a large group.
What are some good fishing decal or patch uses?

There are two main reasons for putting fishing decals or patches on your gear:

  • Identification - If you travel or fly frequently, placing fishing stickers or patches on your gear can help you quickly identify it when claiming luggage in the airport.
  • Aesthetics - For others, stickers and patches can give a means to express their own interests, such as trout fishing or fly-fishing, via their equipment.
How do you care for fishing decals?

First, always clean and dry the area on your boat or equipment that you intend to place the sticker on before applying. Caring for vinyl decals afterward is as simple as avoiding damage such as scratches on the sticker. For Litho stock, covering the decal with a protective coating and avoiding water and damage will help extend the life of the sticker.

What surfaces can fishing decals stick to?

Fishing stickers and decals will stick to any gear that has a flat, clean, and smooth surface. Some good examples are:

  • Placing a decal on the outside of a plastic or metal tackle box
  • Putting it on the bumper or trunk of a vehicle
  • Using fishing decals to decorate additional storage bins used for equipment
  • Placing decals on a glass or fiberglass panel on your fishing boat