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Fishing Tents and Shelters

Fishing tents and shelters are designed for a variety of instances and can be used when ice fishing. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including bivvy, tent, and umbrella.

How do these fishing shelters and tents work?

A shelter is a portable tent that can be placed on top of the ice when you are out on the lake. It covers your body and protects you from the elements. Many of these items take on an igloo shape that is similar to that used by some Eskimo tribes. This Eskimo shape can make a sound shelter more portable and comfortable to transport. It also makes it easier to fish when you are out on the ice. Additionally, these shelters may be used as a storage center when you're on a trip or as a place to sleep.

What kind of shelters are available?

Varieties include:

  • Bivvy – This igloo-style shelter has a clam shape that makes it simple to fit on a sled.
  • Tent – This tent has a shape that foregoes the clam look of the bivvy. It is a shelter that is designed to be put up by one person and can also be used to store fish and other items from your sled.
  • Umbrella – This type of sleeping area is probably the largest and features a shape that resembles that of the bivvy. The clam curves create a place where you can sit while on the ice.
What features are available for these ice shelters?

Some of the features that you can find with fishing shelters and tents include:

  • Self-tapping anchors – These metal hooks hold your tent down and keep it from flying away in the wind.
  • Heavily insulated fabric – The use of material such as Denier IceTight keeps the cold outside.
  • Triple-layer corner pockets – You can use these pockets to store various items, such as fishing gear. You can also place snacks and drinks in these pockets.
  • Doors with YKK zippers – Most models of this product have two doors on each side that close with YKK zippers.
Are there accessories available for these portable products?

Yes, you can find a range of accessories for these portable products.

  • Portable bag – Slip your ice shelter into this bag for transporting.
  • Eskimo cover – This cover slips over your tent while you are on the ice and protects you from the cold.
  • Storage pockets – These accessories allow you to store multiple items and keep them out of your way while you fish.
  • Fish container – Put your daily catches in this bucket to keep them fresh and healthy before you take them home on your sled.