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All About FUBU Clothing for Men

FUBUs name comes from an acronym meaning \"For Us, By Us.\" FUBU Clothing offers men a wide variety of clothing choices. From shoes to T-shirts to sweatpants, you can find clothing to meet a range of needs on eBay.

What type of mens shoes does FUBU make?

FUBU is a maker of casual mens shoes, including athletic and tennis shoes. Some of the shoes are one solid color, and others are multicolored. Some examples of models include:

  • Tribute sneakers - These are solid white and feature a padded tongue.
  • HiTop Kicks - These are tan and white with quilted leather.
  • Reed Basketball shoes - These shoes are red, black, grey, and white.
  • Bristol F Athletic shoes - These are designed to have a simple look and feature the colors black and white.
What types of coats does FUBU make?

The company has windbreakers, ski coats, and heavy coats. Different models have appeared in different years. They include:

  • Windbreaker - It is thick and features a hood.
  • Satin Bomber - This is a thick, heavy vintage jacket.
  • Ski coats - These are lightweight.
  • Puffer Coat - This is made of thick fabric and features a hood and pockets.
What type of mens bottoms does the company offer?

FUBU Clothing offers jeans and joggers. The joggers and jogging suits can be worn as both casual and workout attire. The Harlem Globetrotters warmup pants are joggers, and the Orange Velour jacket and matching pants are a complete sweat suit.

Many of the jeans offer a loose fit. The Platinum Fat Albert piece is baggy and embroidered with an image of a character from the TV show. Some denim pieces have a straight leg.

Do they have mens sweatshirts and hats?

Many different sweatshirts are available, including the following:

  • Crewneck sweatshirts - These are available in the colors heather grey and black.
  • Vintage sweatshirt - FUBU offers a vintage sweatshirt that is made from fleece.
  • The FUBU Sports Collection - This features sweatshirts that are in the colors of different sports teams.

There are FUBU hats for men. Most of the hats have the companys name imprinted on them. The hats that dont have FUBUs name have the letters \"FB.\" Each hat is in the style of a baseball cap, and the hats are available in a variety of colors.

  • Red: The FB Classic Snapback and the FB Dad Hat are both red with white letters imprinted on them.
  • Black: The \"F\" Classic Snapback features a single initial \"F.\"
  • Grey: The FB X EFF baseball caps are grey with a red logo across the front.
  • Blue: The Navy Snapback is navy blue with the letters \"FB\" in white along the front of the cap.
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