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Racks for Hummer H3

For Hummer H3 owners and enthusiasts, one of the perks of driving such a rugged SUV is the ability to travel to unique and hard-to-access destinations for a variety of outdoor sports and activities from skiing to water sports to hiking and camping. Utilizing the roof space of your Hummer H3 by adding a roof rack allows you to carry cargo that is difficult or impossible to stow inside your vehicle. Understanding the different types of roof racks available for the Hummer H3 model, their features, and the installation process will help you make a wise decision when investing in a rack for your Hummer.

How many bikes can a Hummer H3 rack carry?

Your Hummer H3 comes equipped with factory-installed crossbars on the roof. To these crossbars, you can install a roof rack that meets your needs for stowing bicycles or for tying down a cargo box or even hauling kayaks or skis.

The number of bikes or other items that you can safely carry on an H3 or H3Ts roof rack is dependent upon the length of your crossbars. This measurement dictates the size of the rack that you can install upon the crossbars.

Here are some cargo capacities based upon crossbar length:

  • For crossbars measuring up to 50 inches long, you can carry anywhere from one to four bikes.
  • For crossbars measuring 53-60 inches long, you can carry up to five bikes.
  • For crossbars measuring over 60 inches, you can carry up to six bikes.
What additional hardware or accessories are needed for roof racks?

Its wise to consider what other items you will need in order to successfully and safely install your new roof rack to your Hummer H3. Depending on the type of rack you choose, you may need one or more of the additional items:

  • A make/model fit kit for your Hummer H3: This allows you to safely install the foot packs to your Hummers roof.
  • Foot packs: These four feet attach at the corners of your roof rack on the top of each foot pack and attach to the crossbars on your vehicle at the bottom of each foot pack.
  • Crossbars of the rack: For different types of racks, these bars may be configured slightly differently to accommodate different weights, sizes, and loads.
  • Lock cylinders: Nothing ruins an excursion faster than finding your gear has been stolen from your roof rack. Lock cylinders offer you the ability to lock your gear down, both to prevent theft and to ensure maximum safety while your vehicle is on the road.
Can you stow extra tires on a roof rack?

Depending upon the type of rack you install to your Hummer H3, there are a number of accessories available that allow you to stow additional cargo, such as:

  • Spare tires
  • Tools such as shovels or axes
  • Fuel or water storage cans