Embroidery Scissors

Types of Embroidery Scissors

A good pair of embroidery scissors can help you quickly thread your needle or deal with loose threads as you sew. Unlike regular scissors, they have a petite shape that works well when handling compact crafts and fine threads.

Have fun with decorative embroidery scissors

Embroidery scissors can be more than just a utilitarian tool. Many are beautifully embellished to make them just as lovely as your embroidery. You can find very eye-catching finishes like iridescent metal, mother of pearl insets, or gilded handles. Common designs include scissors shaped and engraved to look like birds, butterflies, and other animals. Storks are particularly popular. You can also find scissors that recreate vintage times, ranging from ornate Victorian embroidery scissors to adorable little Tudor era scissors.

Is a straight tip or curved tip better?

The answer to this question relies on the job you are trying to do. A curved tip can provide more control and can let you fit scissors into tiny nooks. This makes them ideal for snipping threads right next to the rim of an embroidery hoop. However, curved scissors are less useful when you want to quickly cut a bunch of loose threads. In these cases, a straight tip can provide more speed.

Choosing the right size of embroidery scissors

On average, embroidery scissors are usually about three to four inches long. However, you can find super petite size 1 scissors that are just little clippers about an inch long or size 5 scissors that are up to 5 inches in length. See the manufacturer site for details. Smaller scissors let you get closer to the work and do a detailed job of snipping threads. However, remember that smaller is not automatically better. To control the scissors, you still need ones with holes big enough to fit your fingers around them. Therefore, you should search for a pair that works with your hand shape while still being as petite as possible.

Deciding if you need a spring action handle

A spring-action handle is a type of embroidery scissors that spring open whenever you are not actively putting pressure on the handles. Using this type of scissor is mostly a matter of personal preference. Often, people with arthritis or other joint issues find that spring-action scissors are a little easier to operate. However, it can take some time to get used to the motion needed to control these scissors since they snap back open automatically.