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Electric Pottery Wheels: Expediting and Enhancing the Art of Pottery

An electric pottery wheel makes creating things by hand or teaching others how to make clay items easy, convenient, and quick. Check out electric pottery wheels on eBay and start forming your own uniformly circular items, such as plates, bowls, and cups.

How are electric pottery wheels better than traditional pottery wheels?

Electric pottery wheels help you produce a significant amount of work in less time. Besides, they offer the following benefits:

  • Lightweight: These wheels are lighter than heavy kick-wheels, which means you can easily carry them to different places. Potters who give demonstrations and share their craft find this handy.
  • Variable speeds: The motors built into electric pottery wheels have variable speed control functions, which means the RPMs, horsepower, and torque settings can be set according to requirements.
  • Power: The power the motor offers is ideal for making large pots.
  • One-switch reversal: To trim or throw the wheel in the reverse direction, you’ll only have to flip a switch. This works well for left-handers or if you’d like to mix up things a bit.
Horsepower within the context of electric pottery wheels

For kick-wheels, “horsepower” is basically the wheel’s weight and the power or strength in your legs. The kick-wheel’s weight is directly proportional to its potential torque and spinning time. An electric pottery wheel’s horsepower ascertains the maximum quantity of clay you could centre. The horsepower of a regular electric pottery wheel is 0.25 to 1. The 1 HP wheels can easily centre a maximum of 70 kg of clay at once. The increased horsepower also means the wheel will not slow down when excessive pressure is applied to the head of the wheel.

Wheel-head options with electric pottery wheels

The wheel-head is a flat, metal disc that your clay sits on. They come with or without a choice of pins for securing a replacement bat. Some bat pins can be removed effortlessly by trimming the ware on the head. The pin configurations may be unique – differing in size, number, and how far they are from the wheel-head’s centre. Likewise, flat wheel-heads are available in various diameters. The 14-inch wheel-head is typically desired since it lets you throw in extra-large pots, platters, or other wide-based ceramics.

Is noise an issue with electric pottery wheels?

Noise level has been a major issue with electric wheel potters and kick-wheel enthusiasts. When electric wheels first entered the scene, their motors made a fair amount of noise. Over the years, these electric wheels have been refined and equipped with advanced motors that make little to almost no noise. The electric wheels currently available are certainly not noisy. In fact, their near-silent motors are often their selling point.