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Expand Your Collection With Diecast Trucks

Before you begin constructing your industrial-era or modern city scale diorama, you need a sizeable fleet of toy trucks to make the economic bustle as realistic as possible. You can amass a collection of high-quality scale diecast model trucks in your chosen scale to create a busy and believable simulation of real life in a civilized town. With trucks hauling their trailers in your city's warehouse district or a semi loaded with a hulking gas trailer ready to resupply a small town, your diorama will exude lively realism. Toy trucks of many makes, models, and scales like those of Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Ford are available for purchase.

How Are Diecast Toys Created?

  • Molding: It all begins with the molding process. Diecast tractors and trucks are created by injecting molten metal into a mold with cavities inside that determine how much detail will appear in the resulting cast and at which scale it will be. Non-ferrous metals like zinc, copper, aluminum, and magnesium are used to make models at various scales.
  • Detailing: After the cast has cooled, workers sand the model toy trucks, trailers, and tractors to get rid of imperfections from the casting process. Then, depending on how detailed the resulting model needs to be, a series of painting processes commence, which is more difficult to do at smaller scales. Workers then apply stickers and hand-paint the trailers and semi-trucks to get every minute detail accurately.
  • Packing: The last stage of the process is the packing phase wherein the workers attach wires or put on screws on the platform or similar packaging in order to reduce the risk of damage in transit.

What Types of Trucks Can I Buy?

While toy model trailers and semis all follow the same general design, their overall looks are dictated by the make, model, and scale of the real vehicle that it represents. The scale also depends on the manufacturer, but one of the most common is the 1/64 scale.

  • Gas Tanker Trucks: Semi and trailer trucks can be attached to any gas trailer, adding a good level of customization. These diecast trailers are long and often cylindrical in shape, but some trailer designs may take a non-conventional geometric shape akin to a square.
  • Flat Nose Trucks: Flat nose trucks are another common type. These trucks compensate for the lack of aerodynamics in their nose by having roof spoilers on top of the cab. The length of the trailer also dictates the total number of wheels the model will have.
  • Pull Back Trucks: Pull-back-and-go trucks are also available. These have small clockwork motors that wind up an internal spring that stores energy that is released when you let go of the truck.