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How to Shop for 4 GB Computers

With myriad options when it comes to Dell laptops, notebooks, desktops, and computer accessories, you can fulfill all of your computing needs easily, whether it be for work, school, gaming or entertainment. Trying to decide which type of device to buy is a simple question once you ask yourself what you intend to use your computer for.

How to Choose Between a Laptop and a Desktop

If you have a conundrum when it comes to deciding between a desktop and a laptop, it matters most what you'll be using your device for. For example, benefits of a desktop include:

  • Sizable hard drive and strong Intel processor speed; meant for everything from heavy graphics to design work 
  • Ability to set up a small network within your own home or home office
  • A desktop typically has more GB RAM, memory and is LED-backlit

There are also definite advantages to choosing a laptop (or notebook) as well:

  • Portability is important; you can take a smaller device with you to school or work, or even on the train
  • RAM and hard drive size can be just as comparable as a desktop
  • Hook a large monitor up to your laptop when at home for a "desktop" workspace without the large unit

When it comes down to it, often homes have several devices including a notebook or small unit to travel with and a static desktop that stays in one space. 

Features to Look for in Computers 

When it comes to your device, there are some things that are infinitely important to look at before purchase. You want to make sure that:

  • Your drive size has enough GB for your files. GB has given way to TB in terms of storage. Make sure you have enough GB space for movies, photos and other media. 
  • Processing speed is important. Look for a quad-core, dual-core or octa-core Intel processor that's not going to slow you down and allows you to run multiple programs or tabs at one time. There are also other Intel core processors to choose from, as well.
  • RAM is important also. It is imperative to have at least 4 GB RAM but 8 GB is a better option.
  • Operating system. Many units come complete with some version of Windows. Windows 10 is the latest version as of 2018 so just make sure you can upgrade to Windows 10 when needed.

What Does All-in-One Mean?

Dell sells several versions and models of all-in-one devices, which essentially means you can plug and play right out of the box. These devices usually refer to desktops and include:

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • All included cords 

Some bundles come with wireless mice and keyboards for convenience which is a plus to have at your workstation.