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A New Season Is the Time for a New DeMarini Fastpitch Softball bat

Nothing feels better than starting off the fastpitch softball season with a new bat. If you’ve grown, improved, or changed your hitting style, or simply want to put a fresh bat in your hands, there is a DeMarini fastpitch softball bat for you.

What’s the difference between fastpitch softball and baseball bats?

Inexperienced fastpitch players and parents may assume that any bat will work as good as any other, including a baseball bat. Beyond the rules and regulations that make it illegal for fastpitch players to use baseball bats, there are other important differences as well.

  • Barrel diameter - All fastpitch softball bats have a barrel diameter of 2.25 inches. There is no legal deviation from this diameter. Very few baseball bats use this smaller diameter, and most have a barrel that is 2.625 inches.
  • Barrel length - The barrel on a fastpitch softball bat is also longer and remains a uniform diameter. Baseball bats gradually increase in diameter to the widest part, or the sweet spot.
  • Handle taper - The taper of a baseball bat is much narrower and makes up a longer portion of the bat. Fastpitch softball bats have little or no taper between the barrel and the handle. The minimal taper between barrel and handle is critical for reducing the amount of vibration in your hands.
How do you pick the right DeMarini fastpitch softball bat?

To make sure you put the right DeMarini fastpitch bat in your hands, you need to answer two questions. You need to consider how much bat you can handle for your size and what type of hitter you are. There are helpful charts to match your height and weight with the right bat length and drop weight. This important aspect of buying the right bat also involves a little trial and error on your part. You also need to determine whether you’re predominately a slap hitter or a power hitter. Once you narrow down the bat length and weight for your hitter type, you’ll be able choose the bat that feels right for you.

What are some DeMarini fastpitch softball bat models?

Having decided upon the right size and type of DeMarini fastpitch softball bat, there are various models to pick from. Before you settle on your final choice, you should browse eBay for DeMarini fastpitch softball bats on clearance to help you find good deals. Here four models of DeMarini fastpitch softball bats that offer various length and weight options for different types and sizes of hitters.

  • DeMarini Prism
  • DeMarini Vendetta
  • DeMarini CF7 Fastpitch Bat
  • DeMarini CF8 Softball Bat
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