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Danfoss Hydraulic Pumps

Danfoss Hydraulic Pumps

There are many different needs for a hydraulic pump in both automobiles and other machinery. Industrial standards require specific displacement and consistent loads to be measured accurately to ensure safety and proper output. A wide selection of Danfoss models are available to meet the needs of a particular machines displacement and specific fit.

How do you select a hydraulic pump?

When selecting a Danfoss part, it is important to select the proper model associated with the specific mechanical system. You may want to consider the following features when selecting the proper model.

  • Load and stroke: The load that is being placed on the system is defined as the amount of pressure that the specific model can withstand while maintaining efficiency in flow output. This needs to maintain an 80% nominal rating of the cylinder.
  • Consistent load: A consistent load requires a single piston or a double action cylinder. The consistent load is a steady force being exerted on the overall system.
  • Varying load: A variance in load is associated with a force that is not constantly being placed on the system. It is important when selecting a specific Danfoss model with a varying load to note that it requires a load-sensing output monitor.
  • Displacement: The displacement is specific to various models. They offer 25cc to 147cc continuous pressure up to 310 bars.
What are the main features of Danfoss hydraulic pumps?
  • Range of displacements: Higher output requires a larger flow equivalency as it displacing more gallons per minute.
  • Pressure: The system needs to maintain and align with the diameter of the pipe and output flow. The correct cylinder needs to be chosen to equate to the proper amount of pressure (80% nominal rating) that is being put on the hydraulic system.
  • Shaft and flange combinations: Various models consist of dual output systems with 9 spline shafts that spin clockwise. A specific model, 83005-817, is one example with this type of shaft.
  • Control options: Variable control include a zero-degree option, electric displacement module and electrical automotive control stack that can combine multiple units.
What are some different types of Danfoss hydraulic pumps?
  • H1 series pump: Increased output with a minimized variable input speed.
  • Closed circuit low power hydraulic pump: Emphasis is placed on efficiency levels compared to other higher powered pumps given the lower power of the pump.
  • Closed circuit medium power hydraulic pump: Various configured displacements focus on medium level power density.
  • Open circuit axial piston: Compatible with various oil types and specific mounting includes a 2-position valve with constant or variable displacement controls.
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