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Install a Dahua NVR or DVR for Extra Surveillance

Dahua has been producing surveillance equipment and related services for many years. You'll find several of their DVR and NVR security recording products on eBay. Learning about the types of surveillance items you can purchase and the features they might have can help you choose the model that meets your requirements.

What types of surveillance recorders can you get?

Dahua produces two main types of recording devices meant for home and professional security monitoring. Both types are useful for keeping track of recordings and potential security breaches. The main way they differ is in the types of camera they work with and how they transmit data. These are two common types of systems:

  • DVR- Analog or coaxial cameras can connect to digital video recording devices. If you have HD-SDI cameras, they will also use this type of connection and recorder to transmit data.
  • NVR- Network video recorders take information transmitted to them from internet protocol cameras. A router or network switch connects the IP camera to the NVR device, and a network cable sends the data to the recorder.
What features can you choose for Dahua systems?

Dahua DVR and NVR devices can have different features depending on which model you choose. If you have some specific features in mind already, you can look for them in the categories on eBay. The site can show you the recording equipment that includes the features you want to have at a minimum. Some common options you will discover are:

  • Real-time- You can set your DVR or NVR to keep recording everything continuously in real-time.
  • Night vision- Some devices support night vision recording. This can make it easier for you to see images and video from the recordings when no natural light sources are present.
  • Motion detection- If you don't want your surveillance device to record anything when nothing is happening, you can set it to activate only when a camera senses motion.
Can you monitor your Dahua system remotely?

Some Dahua models include features that allow you to access the NVR or DVR feeds remotely. If your unit can access or communicate with other devices, you can set it up to work with another device of your choice. You may wish to pair your system with a phone or other mobile device. If you use an appropriate app on your phone, you can access and monitor the feeds from your Dahua system in real-time. You may be able to set up alerts that show up on your other devices.