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DIRECTV Home Satellite TV Receivers

DirecTV Receivers Guide

Advances in technology have increased the TV-viewing options available to you. The main function of a DirecTV receiver is to receive information from a satellite. You can find used and brand-new DirecTV receiver options on eBay.

How can you improve the DirecTV receivers reception?

The satellite signal is dependent on the Earths orbit and can be temporarily affected by weather events, such as thunderstorms and snowstorms, but there are steps any user can take to increase a satellite-TV receivers reception, including the following:

  • Obstructions: Look for obstructions between the satellite and the sky.
  • Cable wear: Examine wires and cables for any signs of wear.
  • Signal strength: Check the signal strength.
What types of DirecTV receivers are available?

Television watchers who have an affordable DirecTV satellite subscription will also need a receiver. The receiver is an integral part of any satellite-TV viewing experience. Not only is this equipment responsible for signal strength, but it also allows users to record shows and view them at a later time. DirecTV offers several receiver options for users to choose from, including:

  • Standard
  • HD
  • HD DVR
  • TiVo
  • Whole home DVR system - Genie
What are the differences between DVR and HD receivers?

Both DVR and HD receivers are available with DirecTV services. The two components have several similarities and differences. With an HD receiver, watchers get a high-definition experience and picture quality of about 1080i resolution.

A DVR receiver allows users to record and watch movies and shows on their own schedule. Whether live or recorded, users will experience excellent quality and sound. Recorded programs can be watched on a computer or phone when connected to a subscribed DirecTV account.

Technological advances allow users to record more than one show at a time, allows parents to control which shows children have access to and helps you to find shows of interest to you. Receivers are able to store recorded shows for long periods of time, and they can also be programmed to record shows or movies in the future.

Are DirecTV remote controls universal?

A DirecTV receiver will work with a universal remote. The remote control is easy to program and can be synced with various electronics, including the receiver itself, a television, and a DVD player. With the ability to program the remote to operate each of these different units, you can use your DirecTV remote to operate many of the electronics in your home with no need to use any others.

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