Patinetas completos

Complete Skateboards

At its most basic components, a skateboard is made up of a wooden platform with two trucks and four wheels. A skateboard can be used for transportation, competition, and artistic expression. Complete skateboards offer the convenience of being ready to ride with no assembly required.

What are the different styles of skateboards?

On a shortboard, cruising and tricks are possible, with the tricks being the main attraction for this type of board. For the smoothest, most balanced cruising, a longboard is appropriate. Longboards are designed to handle steep and rough ground. A pennyboard is smaller, designed for flat terrain and basic tricks.

What parts make up a complete skateboard?

The deck is the platform to stand on when skateboarding. Skateboard decks are coated with grip tape, an adhesive fabric thats similar to sandpaper and used to keep feet firmly planted on the board. Fastened beneath the deck are trucks and wheels that allow the board to roll. To keep the wheels attached, bearings are connected to the axle.

How do trucks on a skateboard work?

If a skateboard deck is turned over to its design side, there are two complete T-shaped pieces of metal. This piece is attached to the skateboard deck with screws. The pin is a long piece of metal that is designed to turn the skateboard deck. Adjusting its tension affects the skateboard decks turning sensitivity. Typically, longboards have looser tension than other skateboards to allow deeper turns.

How are complete skateboards made?

A skateboard deck is made up of curved layers of wood that are combined with glue. Then, the skateboard deck is trimmed down to a board shape that is practical. Trucks are typically made of aluminum or other metal alloys. They are made by melted metal formed by a mold and later drilled into the skateboard deck. The wheels are formed the same way, but with polyurethane. They are attached by ball bearings to complete the product.

What are some notable skateboard brands?

Plan B sells boards with overall reliable attributes. They offer decks made from seven-ply wood. Powell is a longstanding company that founded the legendary Bones Brigade team, which kick-started Tony Hawks career. Their skateboard designs change annually, but always look cool. Tony Hawk’s skate company is called Birdhouse. Their decks feature bird themes and have a thicker sixth layer of wood that makes it easier to jump and do flip tricks, which is ideal for vertical-style skateboarding. For environmentally-conscious skaters and fans of Bam Margera, buy a board from Element. They have variety on the technical side with their seven-ply boards and Helium decks. Their skateboards are made with an air pocket to be lightweight.