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Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Conveyor Pizza Oven

Pizza shops need to get quality food out at a high volume. To accomplish this goal, you need the right equipment in your restaurant kitchen. Read on to find out how to choose a conveyor pizza oven.

Types of commercial conveyor pizza ovens

During the shopping process, you will need to decide on the right conveyor belt pizza oven for your kitchen. This type of oven is different from a convection oven pizza cooker. In a convection oven, the pizza does not cook evenly on all sizes. With a conveyor pizza oven, the pizza is placed on the conveyor belt, and it moves the pizza through the oven to cook.

After cooking, the conveyor moves the pizza outside of the oven to rest. This setup allows for pizzas to cook with very little supervision. This cooking process uses infrared heat, radiant heat and forced air impingement. Here are the different types of conveyor ovens:

  • Impinger oven
  • Radiant oven
  • Infrared oven
What features can I choose?

You have the option to buy a new or used conveyor pizza oven. It depends on where you want to buy used pizza ovens and your budget. To get consistent quality with cooking pizza, you will need the right features. Here are three features to consider:

  • Belt width: It helps to check or ask about the belt width when buying a conveyor pizza oven for sale. You want to make sure the oven can complete your menu. Dual belts are another feature to consider. Some models come with more than one conveyor belt. This setup allows you to cook different food items simultaneously.
  • Control style: Control style is another feature that will help with preparing your menu. The oven units come with basic dial timers to sophisticated electronic controls. You must decide if you need flexibility with electronic controls or just basic dial timers for making food.
Is the conveyor pizza oven stackable?

Pizza shop owners must consider space when buying equipment for their kitchen. Some models allow you to stack the ovens on top of each other. The ability to stack a conveyor belt pizza oven is a convenience in a small kitchen. A conveyor belt pizza oven allows you to stack at least three units at a time. This feature eliminates your need for additional equipment. It also allows you to increase your food output with ease.