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Collins Ham Radio Receivers to Receive and Send Signals Around the Globe

If you want to connect your ham-radio antenna to a receiver that's designed to produce the clearest audio possible, then check out the many inexpensive Collins receivers that are available on eBay. Finding the right Collins receiver for your purposes is easy when you shop this collection on eBay. Here are some of the types of questions that you should ask yourself as you select a receiver model of your own.

What receiver models does Collins offer?

Here are some examples of the types of ham-radio receiver models that this company made:

  • 651S-1
  • 75S-3B
  • 75A-4
  • 51-S1
Are there any accessories for these receivers?

These receivers are compatible with a number of different accessories that you may want to use to augment the functionality of your ham radio, such as:

  • Speakers: To hear the signals that you receive on your ham radio, you'll need to connect your receiver to a speaker or two. Since ham radios usually only produce mono sound, you may only want to have one speaker, but most Collins receivers can support multiple speakers. Collins produced a number of speakers for their ham radios, but you can connect any speaker that uses standard speaker wire to these receivers.
  • Capacitor: The capacitor in a ham radio routes electrical energy to various components within the device, and each Collins receiver contains a number of capacitors. You may want to stock up on these devices if you want to keep your radio up and running no matter what happens.
  • Front-panel screw kits: Over time, the screws on your front panel may wear out, and you may want to replace these screws after you open the front panel to replace components on the inside of your radio. These kits contain all of the screws that you'll need to reconnect the front panel of your Collins receiver, and they feature a bright chrome finish.
How do you pick the right receiver?

You'll want to consider the type of signal mode that you want to use as you select one of the new or used Collins receivers on eBay. For instance, some of these receivers support both amplitude-modulation (AM) and continuous-waveform (CW) signals, but others may only support single-sideband-modulation (SSB) signals. In addition, if you want a receiver that is capable of producing high-frequency signals, you should select a receiver that is labeled "HF."

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